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Friday 22nd January 2020

Wellness Day 22/1/21


 Hi All,

Tomorrow, I will not be posting any official tasks or work for your child to complete. We will also have a 'Zoom Free' day.


I would like you to use this time as you feel fit or as a 'Wellness Day'.


Some great activities to complete:

- Have a lie in (if those things aren't a distant memory!). 

- Engage in some free flow play with your child. 

- Catch up on any work your child hasn't completed (only if you feel necessary, but please remember that we are in a pandemic and doing your best is definitely enough!). 

- Play fun games. 

- Go for a long walk. 

- Zoom a family member and have afternoon tea with them. 

- Watch a film together. 

- Take some time to plan for next week's home learning whilst setting your child off to work on Numbots. 

- Paint. 

- Sing. 

- Listen to relaxing music and paint/colour/draw together.


Whatever way you choose to spend your day, please remember to congratulate yourself on the wonderful job you have done with home learning so far!! 


I know it isn't an easy task, especially if you have jobs or have a number of children you are home schooling at the same time!! 


Chin up and remember... Home Schooling will soon be a thing from the past!! 



Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Brien