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Growing in faith Together GIFT chaplaincy at Saint Teresa’s

Happy Feast of St Teresa

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Welcome to our Gift Chaplaincy Page.  Here at St Teresa's we are all growing in our faith together.
We all have a special Gift which we can share and use. If we follow Jesus' example and make the most of our God given talents we can grow in our love and faith. We are all on a mission to regenerate our church . Even Pope Francis continues to grow in faith and love each day.  We all have our part to play in being Jesus' messengers and passing on God's message of love.  Our school is named after Saint Teresa Of Lisieux. We are all Saint Teresa's little flowers , growing in God's love and if we follow St Teresa's "little way" by offering a smile, a kind deed, a helping hand to others ; we will continue to grow together on our faith journey.
 At the heart of the GIFT chaplaincy faith team lies our mission statement and our school prayer.  Love lies at the heart of everything we do because "God Is Love".

The Gift Chaplaincy Faith Team

St Teresa is an example of Gift Chaplaincy. Her faith in God was strong.

Our chaplaincy team are pupils from Year 5 and 6 who have applied for their roles and been involved in a selection process

The Saint Teresa's GIFT team are a collaborative ministry which brings together a partnership of people who, through faith have many different skills and gifts to offer. We are all part of the GIFT team and we all have different skills and talents to offer our school and the wider community.  Our staff utilise their skills well to offer a broad and balanced curriculum and enhance our school through the subjects and areas they lead . Father McMahon is a regular visitor to our school . The children love to chat to him on the playground . He visits classes regularly to say hello . He says masses for us throughout  the year . The Sacramental class visit church regularly as part of the programme and the chaplaincy team represent the school at some masses  during the year .

Our  Chaplaincy team at St Teresa's consists of both Year Five and Year Six pupils.  We also have a lead pupil chaplain within the team.  Mrs Dawson is the Chaplaincy lead in school and she co- ordinates many aspects of Chaplaincy in school.  These include supporting staff in the delivery of Collective worship in school, leading staff meetings on aspects such as  Welcome, Word, Welfare, Witness, Worship., leading assemblies with the support of the pupil chaplains, planning whole school masses in collaboration with the pupil chaplaincy team and developing an action plan for Chaplaincy where our Catholic ethos and spiritual, moral and social development lies at the heart of our learning, our teaching and our day to day exchanges with each other. The team work hard to develop innovative masses,  assemblies, reflections, liturgies which engage and ignite our pupils and staff to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be.  They are always open to new ideas and suggestions to promote our faith in school.  However we are all involved in the faith journey we work together and we certainly view ourselves as "Team Teresa's"

We are a very happy, family school who care about each other and those in need too. As a Chaplaincy team we endeavour to create a nurturing environment in school where we all feel valued and above all loved. 

The Chaplaincy team made posters to advertise our fundraising for Alzheimer’s Cup Cake Day . They then sold cakes and raised over £130

Cafod Chaplaincy Training and Assembly

The Chaplaincy Team led an assembly about Mary which included creating rosary beads out of risen stones . The team led us in dance, song, drama and readings .

Remembrance for May 22nd

Last Supper Assembly and Breaking of bread workshop

Our Pupil Chaplains read prayers at Mid Day mass at St John’s, they brought up the offertory and made prayer chains with the parishioners . Well done to Jasmine, Cliona, Eoin, Ursula and Zipporah .

Love in Lent

Ash Wednesday . Our Year 5 and 6 classes went to mass at St John’s . Father blessed the rest of the school with ashes later in the day and we had a wonderful chaplaincy led Lent Assembly

Our Gift Chaplaincy Team visited EYFS and Key Stage One classes to share sorry signs.

Father David Pember visited our GIFT chaplaincy team with two colleagues Shannon and Fabius. Our team were wonderful and told the visitors all about GIFT chaplaincy at our school and their ideas for the coming year. Well done to the Team. February 2019

Father David told the team all about the San Damiano Cross and how schools and churches across the Salford Diocese are using the cross to allow us all to reflect on how we can rejuvenate our church and our mission to spread God’s word .

Cafod training from Leo and Jane Conley for our Chaplaincy Team

Our Gift Chaplaincy Team helped EYFS to make candleholders for the Feast of The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple

Our Year Five Chaplains were commissioned

Chaplain Planning meeting at Wardley Hall with Gift Chaplaincy Teams from around the diocese . Our chaplains represented the school superbly .

Miss Brien led an assembly on challenge

We celebrated the Feast of The Epiphany in school today with a special assembly . The Gift chaplaincy team became the stable scene with the wise men arriving to find the King of Kings the Saviour of the world revealed to them.

The Wise Men follow the star to find the new born King . Epiphany assemby

This is the Greatest Show ... we sang The stable is the Greatest show an adaptation of a song from The Greatest Showman . The singing made us feel joyful and euphoric just as the Three Kings would have felt .

We had a special Advent Assembly the choir led the singing . The chaplains led with dance, drama and readings - As a school we came together to prepare ourselves for Christmas -After our Advent Assembly in which the whole school participated through song , dance, prayer and scripture the chaplains led wonderful Advent Reflection Stations. They showed real strength and ability in leading different age groups in reflective meditations , prayer, dance and drama

Cafod World Gifts

We wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for The Wood Street Mission by bringing in gifts for those who are not as lucky as us at Christmas.

Our new chaplaincy team from Year Five have undertaken tasks to show their ability to be a chaplaincy leader . Mrs Dawson set them activities such as designing faith posters and creating a movement piece for scripture. They will be commissioned in the new year by Father MacMahon in a special mass . They had to apply through a letter of application. Well done to the team .

We will remember them

Year Four visited the Cenotaph and paid their respects . They left poppy pictures and prayers .

An assembly to celebrate the Feast of Saint Teresa led by the Chaplains

Learning about chaplaincy

Father MacMahon celebrated 50 years as a priest he enjoyed a special assembly

Sacramental Programme

Class Assemblies

Collective Worship

Parent Partnership

Community A Grandparent afternoon took place to raise money for Macmillan -

Buddy classes and shared liturgies

RE displays

Wednesday Word Our Year Six chaplains regularly give out Wednesday word activities for the families from Nursery to Year Six to work on with their children .

Appointment of new chaplains from Year 5

On Wednesday the 1st of February our Year 5 chaplains attended a GIFT chaplaincy training day.  The children learned about St. Martin of Tours and how the word chaplain came about.  They had some help and put together an action plan to ensure the chaplaincy team develop in the coming year.


In the afternoon they attended a special commissioning service lead by Canon McBride who explained the significance and importance of becoming a chaplain.  He explained that it is was special calling from God.


The children represented the school very well and have got lots of plans for developing the role of chaplaincy further this year.

Mrs Dawson has taken on the role of Chaplaincy lead this year.  After the Year five team of chaplains are appointed the Year 6 and Year 5 chaplains will draw up an Action Plan for the coming year.  We especially want to involve the chaplains in developing the prayer life of the school, leading liturgies and assemblies and looking at ways to improve the chaplaincy room.


Chaplaincy Commissioning at Salford Cathedral