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Monday 18/01/21


Today you are going to write the middle section of your information text.

Spelling Group 1

This week we are going to move on to look at phase 4. I have put a phase 4 sound mat here for you to look at. In phase 4 we are not learning any new sounds we are learning blends and clusters of the sounds we already know.

Spelling Group 2

This week we are looking at adding ing to root words. Have a look at the first demonstrations on spelling play when the root word has a short vowel sound. 

Maths Starter



This week we are continuing to work on our multiplication unit.

Lesson 1 on the presentation.


This week is multi faiths week. 

We are going to look at Judaism this week and learn about where Jews worship today.

P.E. Dance 

Here is lesson 4 for Miss Owens dance sessions.