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Welcome to Nursery

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This is a short clip of nursery life . It is especially for our new nursery children joining us in September .
We are looking forward to meeting you all !




Our nursery day is always filled with lots of joy. Every day is different just as every child is different. We have such fun as a staff and really enjoy the company of our nursery children. They always make each day unique ! We are proud to work as a team with the Reception staff and children too.

We do have some special routines which we follow in nursery.

Usually on arrival the children self- register.

They find their name and hang it on the tree. They can then go off and explore the nursery environment. They can see if there are any enhancements which they may like to visit later or they may just have a play with a familiar area of learning in the continuous provision.

We then shake the tambourine and have a special song which tells the children to come on the carpet. At this point we say our prayers and choose a child as prayer leader. We give out jobs for the day such as prayer leader, line leader, chief tidier, tambourine shaker and snack helper. We often sing a weather song and choose a child as a weather reporter. We sing a special hello song for the register.

We may then share a story, incorporate some Write dance moves to develop our gross motor skills.

We then go to activities where the children access areas of continuous provision both indoor and outdoor.

At the end of this session we have our tidy up song which at the moment is from Enchanted. It is called A Happy Working Song. We come on to the carpet and enjoy a dough disco session to develop our fine motor skills.

Go, go, go to the dough disco.

We then wash our hands and have our special snack time in a circle. This gives us the opportunity to chat with friends and share news/stories. Staff often share stories from home too. Mrs Dawson sometimes shares stories about her cheeky Springer Spaniels Charlie and Buzz.  It is good for the children to hear staff talking and modelling language.

We then have a short session of physical play and the children often can see their siblings playing out and say hello.

We then have a very short session on the carpet where we may sing number songs and again we then go to choosing.

At the end of the morning the full time children get ready for lunchtime.

The part time children enjoy a fun phonics session singing songs and playing games to develop their awareness of letters and sounds from phase one. Then the part time children are picked up at 12.00.

After lunch the full timers usually enjoy their special phonics session. During the week we incorporate our  Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design into our continuous provision or as a special focus.

We have special sessions during morning sessions where we focus on our Religious Education Programme which is called Come and See.  We also have collective worship each day . The children share prayers and songs together either in class or in assemblies.

We usually have a big session outside at the end of the day  where we are responsible for helping to put all the outdoor equipment away.

We then come inside for some circle time games, stories and songs.

At home-time we collect our bags and coats. We are encouraged to put them on ourselves. We then get any picture or notes from our tray.

We are often quite tired at the end of the day because nursery is so busy and active.

We say our special end of the day prayer and our going home song.



In our nursery we are very lucky to have two teachers working with us.

Mrs Dawson works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Mrs Britner works with us on Thursdays and Fridays.


Mrs Raymond is our teaching assistant and she works with nursery all week.


Miss Waldron covers PPA sessions for both teachers.



New Parents Powepoint for Nursery

Our school hall was once St Teresa’s Church

Oral Health Care for Children

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