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Thursday 11th February 2021

Just Dance Disney Party Were All in This Together

Family Friendly Gaming ( is sharing this game play video for Just Dance Disney Party.Want to support Family Friendly Gam...

Word Rap _ _ _ _ Teach Phase 5 Tricky Words 'were' and 'there'

Word Aware Songs - Word Rap _ _ _ _Word Aware 2 - Teaching vocabulary in the early years published by Speechmark UK.

Letters and Sounds Practise - Complete tricky word booklet - your child should be able to read and spell these words.

English - Instructions - Lesson 7 - Writing Task Sheet

Maths - Watch the video before starting today's maths task. The video helps to explain the symbol and which way it should face.

The Number Gators are hungry! This twangy, toe-tapping math song for kids helps explain the concept of the greater than and less than symbols when comparing ...

Example of today's task

Zoom Meeting @ 1.30pm - Conker the Chameleon Story Time