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Tuesday 13th July 2021

Just Dance 2014 - Ghostbusters (Classic 5 Stars) PS4

This is a redo of my older Just Dance 2014 video for Ghostbusters. This time I decided to play it on my PS4 and use the PlayStation camera to do this Dance. ...

Maths - Time - O' Clock - Go through the teaching slides and complete the worksheet.

English - For the remainder of the week, please complete pages of the English summer book for your English work. The answers can be found in the answers booklet.

Letters and Sounds - Best Bet - Continue looking at the 'or' sound. Highlight the words with the or sound and read together.

Hymn Practice - Magic Penny

A beautiful song byMalvina Reynolds

Hymn Practice - Fill Me Up Lord

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One more step along the world I go (with Lyrics)

Children's Hymn