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Tuesday 2.3.21


Today we are going to explore how the writer creates different moods.


Today we are going to count the sides of 2D shapes. Go to lesson 2 on the presentation.

Spelling Group 1

Mr Thorne and the a-e Split Digraph

Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: We make le...

Spelling Group 2

Today can you play Past Tense Penguins on Phonics Play. The username is jan21 and the password is home.

World Book Day Activity

The Day the Crayons Came home - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud the 2nd instalment of the hugely popular and funny children's book by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. Duncan is reunited with his lo...


We are going to look at how the ways we have communicate changed over time.

Reading Comprehension