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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Just Dance Kids 2 Despicable Me

Family Friendly Gaming ( is sharing this game play video for Just Dance Kids 2.Want to support Family Friendly Gaming? D...

Letters and Sounds Zoom @ 11am

Letters and Sounds - Alternative Pronunciations ‘o’

Still image for this video

Maths Quick Starter - Ordering numbers to 20

PSE - Listen to the story 'Lost and Found'. Complete the worksheet about one of your friends.

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers I Read Aloud

To buy the book: and Found is a story about friendship that will please children and grown-ups alike. I am a huge Oliver Jeffers'...

PE - Jack And The Beanstalk 🌱 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure (App Preview)

Jaime tells the magical story of Jack And The Beanstalk through yoga poses! 🌱 Watch the full story exclusively on the Cosmic Kids app: https://app.cosmickid...