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Catholic Life of School

The Catholic Life of the School

At Saint Teresa’s RC Primary School, love is placed at the heart of all we do because “God is love”.

Our school mission is:

“Loving to Learn, Learning to Love”

Saint Teresa of Lisieux centred her whole life around love. Her motto was to “Live in Love”. We are all trying to follow Saint Teresa’s 'Little Way' and want to grow in God’s love.


“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.” (Saint Teresa)


From the moment the children and their families enter Saint Teresa’s we celebrate them becoming a part of the Saint Teresa’s school family.

Our Chaplaincy Team welcomes new families by leading us in prayer at our new parents meetings, by giving a welcome card and a packet of sunflower seeds. We believe that we are a nurturing school where love lies at the heart of all we do.  

As our children leave our school they all give their parents a rose. Just as Saint Teresa sent roses down from Heaven, we too will always be part of the St Teresa’s school family. They also receive a crucifix as a sign that God will be always with them and that Jesus will journey with them on their path.


What a Wonderful World

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From the very beginning, our Early Years children learn to appreciate our world and look after all it has to offer

Living the 5 Ws at Saint Teresa's

We follow the 5 Ws at Saint Teresa’s School as recommended by the Salford Diocese - Welcome, Word, Welfare, Worship and Witness.




Welcome of all is at the heart of our school community. We respect the rights and dignity of every individual as a child of God made in His likeness. We recognise each individual child as a child of God. We want to enable every child and adult to be fulfilled in their roles at school cultivating an attitude of respect for each other among the whole community. We follow Gospel Values such as forgiveness and kindness . We recognise that  the values of love, respect, passion and care are key elements in the life of our school. We all have a responsibility to follow Jesus and help and support each other in our community.

Through our WELCOME we show that we celebrate our uniqueness that we are all welcome in God’s name, as God’s children. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” . We embrace that welcome and work hard to foster Gospel values with all our children . At Saint Teresa’s we are part of a special school family. We embrace our whole school community and offer the hand of friendship. We do our best to include all within our community and we celebrate our diversity. We are a family school who try hard to follow Saint Teresa’s “little way” through kindly words and a welcome that is centred around love ; Love of God, love of one another and love of life itself. We have a secure and stable staff who are very happy in their jobs and love our special school. Staff join St Teresa’s and find that it is a school that many want to stay at as their “forever” school partly because the welcome at the school is so warm. Many supply teachers, students and visitors comment on the warm welcome and support they receive.



Through our WORD we celebrate the word of God through our Religious Education Programme. Our curriculum uses the Come and See Scheme for Religious Education and our SRE programme is called Journey in Love. Our teaching and learning is inspired by the Word of God. We learn from Scripture about who Jesus was and how he acted. We learn how God wants us to be and how we should follow his message of love. The children are encouraged to reflect on the 'Big Questions' of our faith. We are starting to use the H.E.A.R model to enable us to reflect upon scripture and respond to it. We hear God through “the voice of his word".

H - His word- what stands out to you ?

E - Examine – what does it mean to you ?

A -  Apply it- respond to God’s word by applying it in your own lives.

R - Respond in prayer to the scripture.

We celebrate the Word of God in many other ways in our school not just through the RE curriculum. We celebrate WORD through our collective worship, through whole school, Key Stage and class assemblies, reflection days, plays, Masses in school and Masses at Saint John’s. We join up with our buddy classes to celebrate God’s word in varying ways such as class liturgies and prayer reflection stations. We also actively follow God’s example through our school motto “Loving to Learn and Learning to love” We think carefully about our school mission statement and what it means to us as a staff and to us as pupils too.



Our WELFARE we show concern for each other, we try to help each other and those less fortunate than ourselves within and beyond our school community. We ensure our children feel safe, nurtured and loved. We pride ourselves in our care for all- pupils, staff, parents, governors, parishioners and the wider community. We work with a wide variety of outside agencies to support our children. We have the support of the Caritas Social worker. Our wonderful learning mentor supports many children who staff may have concerns or worries about this could be from a child who is very shy, a child with attachment difficulties or a child who has personal circumstances which they need support with such as bereavement, divorce etc. Our SENCO is highly skilled in supporting SEN programmes in school. We take on board many initiatives to enable our children to succeed in school such as speech and language programmes, lunch time clubs, after school clubs which include Sport, Science and Mini Vinnies (SVP). We have an excellent sports coach who works regularly with classes in school. Training is undertaken regularly in terms of First Aid, Epi Pen Training etc and we actively seek out the support of professionals for children with additional health needs. The welfare and happiness of the children in our care is pivotal in the teaching at St Teresa’s. We are a small school who work hard to nurture the children in our care. We are an open and honest staff who also support each other well in what is an ultimately rewarding job but one which offers challenges too.



Through our WORSHIP we develop our relationship with God and with each other. We nurture and deepen our love of God. We celebrate through song, through dance, through prayer, through mass, through assemblies, collective worship and through reflections throughout the year. We learn to know and love God and to recognise and respond to the person of Christ in others. Our worship is wide and varied from reflective / quiet prayer areas to the use of engaging music to arouse the children’s emotions and provide moments of epiphany and oneness with God. Through WORSHIP opportunities we reflect on spiritual, moral social and cultural issues. At St Teresa’s we encourage active participation in Liturgy, Collective Worship and personal reflection . At St. Teresa’s our prayer can be traditional prayer of the Church, prayers such as our school prayer, prayers before and after meals, or a more philosophical approach where we ask the BIG questions or reflection on the Word of God. We aim to provide as many worship opportunities for our community as possible throughout the school including small groups, year groups, the whole school, parents and parishioners. We hope that this develops, nurtures and deepens our relationship with God and with each other. Our GIFT Chaplaincy are active leaders of worship in our school and develop varied ways to worship, for example through craft workshops, reflection stations, active participation on the playground eg Ash Wednesday Sorry activity. There are many opportunities for children to reflect in prayer such as prayer boxes, prayer walls, prayer chains and prayer books.



Through our WITNESS we are all “learning to love” and are all witnesses to Gospel Values of love, respect, forgiveness, justice and peace.

We are all witnesses to God’s word through our deeds and our behaviour. We nurture, support and challenge the children to live out and to give witness to the Gospel values in their everyday experience of school life and by developing their sense of responsibility to play their part in caring activities for good causes in the wider community. We are witnesses to our environment and all God's world by being good stewards of Creation. As a staff we try hard to lead by example in our witness and strive to be good role models for the children in our care.

We believe that at Saint Teresa’s through our mission statement and school prayer we are fostering a love of learning and that we teach our children how to love through the example of Jesus Christ. We believe that “God is love”and therefore our mission statement “Loving to learn, learning to love “ is at the heart of our school. We aim to develop within our school a love of one another, love of learning, love of life itself and most importantly a love of life itself within an atmosphere of care and nuture. Love is at the heart of our school “So many hearts make our school".

Religious Education at Saint Teresa's

At Saint Teresa's we use the 'Come and See' Programme of Religious Education as recommended by the Salford Diocese. The aim of this programme is to explore the religious dimension of questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic Tradition. Links are made with the pupil's own experiences and with universal experience. Links are also made with the experience of other faith traditions. The programme is therefore both 'objective' and 'subjective'.


For all children the programme will raise questions and provide materials for reflecting on their own experience. It will help them to explore the beliefs, values and way of life of the Catholic tradition and where appropriate, of other faith traditions


Each term a question is explored about a mystery of life and the Christian belief, which answers it.


Autumn Term Where did I come from? Life - Creation

Spring Term Who am I? Dignity - Incarnation

Summer Term Why am I here? Purpose – Redemption


The question is explored through three areas. A different dimension explored each term.


AREA:- Faith community - The Church


Autumn Term Family - Domestic Church

Spring Term Community - Local Church

Summer Term World - Universal Church


AREA:- The Celebration in ritual - The Sacraments


Autumn Term Belonging - Baptism, Confirmation

Spring Term Relating - Eucharist

Summer Term Inter-relating - Reconciliation


AREA:- Way of Life - Christian living


Autumn Term Loving - Advent, Christmas

Spring Term Giving - Lent, Easter

Summer Term Serving - Pentecost




Community of Faith - Church Themes

Celebration of Ritual - Sacramental Themes

Way of Living - Christian Living Themes



The programme follows the liturgical year 

Autumn Domestic Church, Baptism/Confirmation, Advent/ Christmas

Spring Local Church, Eucharist, Lent/Easter

Summer Pentecost, Reconciliation, Universal Church


Study of other Religions 



Wednesday Word 24.01.21

Wednesday Word 17.01.21

Wednesday Word 27.12.20

Wednesday Word 20.12.20

Wednesday Word 13.12.20

Wednesday Word 06.12.20

Wednesday Word 29.11.20

Wednesday Word 221120

Wednesday Word 08.11.20

Wednesday Word 25.10.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 18.10.20

Wednesday Word 04.10.20

Wednesday Word 12.07.20

Wednesday Word 05.07.20

Wednesday Word 28.06.20

Wednesday Word 21.06.20

Wednesday Word 14.06.20

Wednesday Word 07.06.20

Wednesday 24.05.20

Wednesday Word 10.05.20

Wednesday Word 03.05.20

Wednesday Word - Special Easter Edition

Wednesday Word Sunday 05.04.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 15.03.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 08.03.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 01.03.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 23.02.20

Wednesday Word Sunday 16.02.20

Saint Teresa's Feast Day is on October 1st

The Feast of St Teresa


Some Easter and Lenten activities to do at home

Palm Sunday

Welcome to our page on the Catholic Life of Saint Teresa's

What does our school prayer mean to us ?

What a happy photo of one of our Year Four children leading liturgy in her golden jumper.

The GIFT chaplaincy team give out welcome cards , sunflower seeds and flowers to say welcome to our school.

Cafod Climate Change Assembly and Training led by Jane & Leo Conley


Our Mini Vinnies created this display

Our RSE programme

Relationships and Sex Education

We follow Come and See for our RE

Other faiths

Vatican II was a major step forward in openness of attitude and relationships with believers of other faiths. Catholics are called to be committed to respecting people of other faiths and to recognise that God is at work in them. In the multi-faith society of today, RE should introduce children to the background and beliefs of people of other faiths so that prejudice and misunderstanding can be overcome from an early age.

We follow the recommended approach and teaching material for other faiths provided in ‘Come and See’, using other resources to supplement this.





Year 5 and Year 1 buddying up to work on Sikhism World Faiths Week

Miss Brien’s Assembly for Healthy Living Week

Mr Recycle popped into Saint Teresa’s Recycle- Reuse- Live Simply

Crowning of Our Lady at St John’s

May is the month of Mary

May is the month of Mary


Memorial for 22nd May

Remembering the Manchester Arena attack... coming together as a school community to celebrate Our city Manchester . Love conquers all.

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Easter Joy our key stage one assembly we are so happy that the Alleluia has been brought back out of the chest . Alleluia Alleluia praise the Lord Alleluia Alleluia praise the Lord As we listen to His story let us praise Him for His glory Alleluia Alleluia praise the Lord

World Down syndrome day Car pool karaoke

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Stations of the cross

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Marist Centre Visits


Year Three and Year Six visit the Marist centre. The Year Three Children are given the opportunity to reflect upon their Sacramental Journey.  Year Six focus on Transition. The Chaplaincy team also visit the Marist Centre for training.


Robinwood residentials /Training


The Year Six children visit Robinwood each year. 

Collaboration with St John’s for Chaplaincy Training

Gift Chaplaincy training from Cafod

Gift Chaplaincy training in house

Attending Diocesan planning meetings for Gift Chaplaincy Celebrations 

Inset with Saint John’s for Religion and liturgy.

Reflection stations led by Chaplaincy team during Advent and Lent

Chaplaincy led Assemblies throughout the year 

Craft Based Religious activities led by Chaplaincy Team in Summer term.

Crucial Crew Year 6

Mini Vinnies Club after school 

Cycling Proficiency Year 6

Regular Staff Liturgies

Regular RE training for Staff


Outside Agencies 


Cafod and Caritas representatives often visit to lead assemblies in school. Training of Chaplains by the Cafod team. Training of Staff in delivering Mini Vinnies. Working with the diocese on GIFT chaplaincy training and diocescan planning meetings and celebrations.




We support  many charities throughout the year including CAFOD, St Joseph's Penny, Macmillan, Wood Street Mission, Francis House, Cornerstones and other charities which we as a school may want to focus on eg Alzheimer's.

At Christmas classes shared Carols and hot chocolate , had a stay and pray session and made Christmas Gifts which were all used to raise money for CAFOD world gifts . Classes organise sponsored events during Lent to raise money for Cafod and Caritas . We also hold an Easter egg raffle where proceeds go to Cafod . Our Race for Life event takes place during Healthy Lifestyles week to raise money for worthwhile cancer charities. Our Chaplaincy team and School Council often come up with ideas to raise money for charities close to their own hearts .  This year our EYFS team raised money for Save the Children by participating in Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk .  Our Christmas and Summer fairs raise money for our school with the wonderful support of FROSTY ‘s . 



Sacramental Preparation 


Children in Year 3 receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Preparation is carried out in class with the class teacher. Meetings are held in the parish centre and parents attend with their children. School supports this process by encouraging participation and reminding families of the dates and times of the meetings. The teachers go through booklets with the children on the day of the meetings whilst Fr McMahon talks to the parents about the Sacramental journey at St Teresa’s.





Getting ready for high school Marist Centre Year 6

FROSTYs support our school in so many wonderful ways and we are so grateful to our special Friends of Saint Teresa’s . They actively support our school in raising much needed funds to enhance the learning of all our children . Below is the Silver Trail where each class has a competition to make the longest trail of silver . This year we raised £432.71 for our school. Well done.

Eco- Committee Promises

Charity Work

Mrs Dawson runs a Mini Vinnies club after school on a Monday from 330-430. We work on Gospel values and reflect on how we can find peace and justice in our world .

Year four assembly on Ascension and Pentecost

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Year 3 acting out The Ascension . How are the disciples feeling ?

Butterfly Prayers sending our prayers to Heaven

Our Early Year’s Team attended an awards ceremony for their excellent input in delivering speech and language initiatives with our youngest children ensuring that all our children get off to a flying start . Andy Burnham was present at the awards. Well done Saint Teresa’s

Pass it on. Pass it on share the Good News of Jesus . By the way you live your life . By the love you share.

Stations of the Cross Whole School Collective Worship Reflection

Journeying towards Easter Assembly and Breaking of Bread Service

Music performance

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The cards from our infant children to welcome the refugee families to Manchester

Our junior children’s lovely welcome letters and cards for the refugee families who have come to Manchester . Caritas will make sure they receive them and we are proud of the kind words and hand of friendship our children have offered .

Nursery decorated the tree with Spring flowers, eggs and feathers - all signs of growth as we thought about how we could show love in Lent . We played fill me up Lord as we offered our Lent promises.

Collective worship in nursery Our collective worship today was about praying for peace We thought about times we have fallen out or not shared We added doves and shiny material to the tree We played A million dreams We then sang shalom

We read at the lectern just like we do in church . We shared the story of Jesus and the children . Jesus said “Let the little children come to me “

Saint Teresa pray for us

We acted out the story of Jesus and the children .


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Reconciliation Assembly

Remembrance Assembly and Visiting the Cenotaph

Poppy pictures

The Gallery

Ash Wednesday