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At St. Teresa's we follow the content and skills for English laid out in the 2014 National Curriculum.

We follow the guidance given in the 2007 Letters and Sounds document. We use a scheme of work called Phonics Play which is full of fun resources that help the children to learn the relevant phonic knowledge.

St. Teresa's long term English planning

During the school year, we endeavour to cover all aspects of our bespoke long term planning for English,

which provides two planning approaches: 


  • Planning which follows the teaching sequence for writing. They follow the three phases of the teaching sequence, with Talk for Writing used throughout all phases, and lead to a quality written outcome. 


  • Take One Book: Topic based planning using a text as a stimulus to give teachers creative freedom and an opportunity to focus on ‘reading for pleasure’. A range of written outcomes are produced from the chosen text with cross-curricular links where appropriate. 

The teaching of writing is a complex area in which our highly-skilled teachers employ a variety of strategies concurrently. One is the teaching of discrete styles of sentence and a progressive range of 'conjunctions' (e.g. and, but or so, all the way through to words like 'nevertheless'. See the document above for more information about how this progresses during a child's time at St. Teresa's.

2014 National Curriculum for English