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Thurday 4th March                                                                                                   World Book Day                                                                                                       We celebrate everything to do with books and reading today.  Therefore we are going to spend the day completing lots of different reading and book activities.  The day is acknowledged globally in over 100 countries across the world. Today's aim is to encourage more and more children to discover the pleasure of books and reading. 

The main theme this year is to share stories.  I will be reading a story on Class Dojo for you to listen to. 


I would like you to spend the day studying the author Roald Dahl completing an Author Study about him.  I have also included a variety of activities for you to complete.  You might like to dress up as your favourite book character. 




Thursday 25th February 

English : Into The Forest by Anthony Browne

Interpreting the text.



Maths - Today I have attached a Year 3 Statistics Home Learning Booklet, which covers everything the children have covered so far in Statistics.  There isn't a video, however you can use previous ones if they are struggling with a particular element. 

Statistics Booklet


What is the sacred text of Christianity? The children will be looking at the Bible. 


Thursday 11th February


Parents I have included both lessons 19 and 20 today.  The children don't have to complete them all today but thought if they have any spare time they can finish the unit. As we are going to spend Friday focusing on Chinese New Year. 

Lesson 19 to write the build up to the story creating suspense including the use of  ellipses and exclamation marks.

Lesson 20 to continue to write the build up part 2. 

Watch the videos and pause it when required.




Collective Worship

Maths - Measures. 

Today you are going to be subtracting measures.  

Watch the video to find out more and complete the worksheets.  Remember to get an adult to mark your work.  If you have any questions you can always message me and I can help you. 


What are the parables of Jesus?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the parables of Jesus. Parables are stories that Jesus told. We will be looking at three parables (stories) and will also be learning a song! Enjoy the lesson.


Thursday 4th February 


WALT : write the second part of the opening.

Make sure your re-read your work, checking for capital letters and full stops.  


WALT: Equivalent lengths - m & cm. 

Watch the video and pause it when required. 


Maths money challenges - work through the problems, you can do some on Friday too.


Food, glorious food. 

Watch the video and complete the tasks set. 



Thursday 28th January 


WALT: write the first part of the opening part 1. 

Watch the video and pause when required.  Remember always punctuate your sentences correctly.  Full stops and capital letters please.


WALT: interpret Pictograms


Also could you please log on to Times Tables Rock Stars and do some daily practice.  I will send out your log in details on dojo next week. .  


Who was Jesus?

Watch the video and complete the work.  Stopping the video when required.  

I would also like you to write a prayer for Mrs Langston, so that we keep her in our hearts.  


Blue Peter

Thursday 21st January

Maths - Counting Money 

Watch the video and pause it when required. 

English - Lesson 4

To sequence and retell the opening of the story.

Watch the video and pause it when required.


Science - Light and Dark

How we see things?

Watch the video and enjoy the session.