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Pupil Premium at St. Teresa’s RC Primary School


At St. Teresa’s School we are constantly looking for strategies that will have maximum impact on the learning outcomes for children whist providing the best value for money.  Pupil Premium is a valuable resource which we try to use wisely. 


The main strategy that we employ to support the needs of our children is to employ high quality Teachers and Teaching Assistants both within the classroom and with individual and small group support.  Their role is to offer support with teaching and learning.  

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2018-19

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2018-19

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2017-18

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2017-18

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2016-17

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2016-17

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2015-16

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2015-16