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Year Three

Please try these Spelling and grammar mats, they come increasing difficulty, so the easiest first then a middle, then a hard, only choose one! The answers are on the next sheet! There are enough for this half term.

Here is the spelling scheme for the whole year we use from spelling shed, I have uploaded last weeks and this weeks in the usual format but practise these any way you choose. We use these spellings in our handwriting sessions so pupils do practise in school too!

Spelling for week 1 and 2

Maths homework for the Autumn term 2020

Work for week beginning 13th July

White Rose Maths Videos



Work for week beginning 6th July

White Rose Videos

In English, we are completing our unit on letter writing

Below are some additional curriculum activities, but PLEASE do not feel under pressure to complete them. Focus on Maths and English, and do WHAT you can WHEN you can. 


Work for week beginning 29th June

White Rose Maths Videos (Please watch before trying worksheets)

In English, we are starting a 2 week unit on letter writing


Work for week beginning 22nd June

White Rose Maths Videos (please watch before trying worksheets)

In English, we are on our second week of poetry


Work for week beginning 15th June

In Maths, we are following the White Rose Scheme. Please watch the video before attempting the worksheets.

White Rose Videos

In English, we are starting a 2 week unit on poetry. This week, the focus is on reading skills, and identifying the features of a poem.


Hi All!

I hope everyone is well and has enjoyed the sunshine we had!  Let's hope there is some more to follow!  I am uploading some material for this week!   We continue looking at equivalent fractions and compare which fractions are bigger than others.  For writing, I would like you all to write your own persuasive leaflet inviting others to visit Central America to see the Ancient Maya monuments, this should include all the research you have been doing so far but laid out a persuasive brochure, you are persuading people to buy your holiday to Ancient Maya.   Your text should have a Title, at least 3 subtitles each with a paragraph underneath describing one of the key places to visit and why (3 places altogether).  If you choose to do this work on a laptop you could use Word, if not why not print out or draw some pictures to illustrate your work.  Don't forget to add fun facts, introduction and a conclusion to your writing!

For RE we are learning about Hinduism, I have included a worksheet with a video link, on this you can tour a Mandir which is a Temple.  I have included a Hindu prayer too!

For science this week, our new topic is 'We are Astronauts' please look at the first lesson on the PPT, draw what you think the moon looks like and then look at the pictures, were you close?  Answer the challenge questions if you can.


I will update with some lessons later on in the week!

Bye for now!

Mrs Langston



Hello Year 3!


I am uploading some more resources, even though this is the half term holidays, don't feel you have to do anything at all, these are for some people who really want to continue doing some school work.


There are some more fractions work, including fractions on a number line, fractions of numbers and tenths as decimals.


For our Literacy work watch 'The Presesnt' I have uploaded some planning, teaching notes and resources for some writing suggestions such as:

  • Narrative
  • Character description
  • Narrative opening
  • Information text
  • Balanced informative text

Watch here:


I have found a great comprehension pack, you can look at the reading on the screen or print it off, perhaps doing one a week.  They will be helpful to keep your reading skills up! 

Download here:


I will finish off here for now.  Again, don't feel you have to finish all this, we are on half term, but if you want to do some school work you can.


Stay safe everyone, I miss our happy, fun class and really look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Mrs Langston







Print a Manchester bee or make your own to remember those who were affected by the Manchester attack May 22nd 2017, please upload a photo of you holding it to the Class story on the Dojo app.

Dear all,


Here are some more ideas to keep us going during this trying time.  I have started with some RE lessons on Pentecost, there is a collective worship PowerPoint to say some prayers in a collective worship.  There are also some lessons which the children can use their inference skills to describe how the apostles might have felt during this time.


I have uploaded a PowerPoint on Magnetism with some worksheets attached which continues our Science topic.  There are videos to watch which will guide you in this topic.  Lastly how are you doing with your research into the Ancient Maya?  Why not add to this by researching the farming methods of the Maya?  They used 3 types of farming methods, can you find these out?  What did they grow and eat in Maya times?  Perhaps you could design healthy tortilla recipe?  Here are some French websites to learn about the names of colours in French, one is a song and the other a story, take a look!


You may recognise the song!


Take care everyone!

Love Mrs Langston

PS.  Do check out the class Dojos and contact me via these if you need to, I will be uploading material next week also!



Hello again Year 3, 

Here are some Maths lessons for next week beginning 18th May, I will copy these onto the class Dojo site too!  They focus on fractions.  Please logon to this to keep in touch with me more easily.  I have also uploaded to comprehensions on weather, there is also a writing task on this subject.  Take a look!  Remember to continue your research on the Ancient Maya and Magnets, try making a timeline of the Maya using what you can research on line!  Continue to look at the effects of magnets, what metals are magnetic?  If you can't research at home take a look here Can you draw some things that are magnetic in your home?  Which are electromagnetic?  What does this mean?


Keep exercising and only do what you can...remember don't worry!  Give all your worries to God and stay safe!


Love Mrs Langston

Dear all,


I hope everyone is well and happy!  I have set up a class dojo account so that we can keep in touch more closely and I can assign some more activities to keep your brain's ticking while we are at home so parents please look out for emails explaining how to connect and keep in touch!


I will be uploading a comprehension called Tom's exciting morning, this is a short section of writing which will test your inference skills, so use evidence from the text to show why your character is thinking or feeling a certain way.

you you

I will also upload some times tables challenges, these are timed so try to practise them often to improve your speed!


Here are some French websites to practise the names of objects found in a classroom, some songs to help you remember too!

How many words can you remember?


Please check out the class dojos for some more assigned tasks for science and History, we are looking at the Maya Culture and I would .like you to research these topics!


Bye for now,


Mrs Langston









Hello everybody!


Are you bored yet?  If you want to do some exciting activities but learn at the same time...try these!

There's nothing I like better than edible science!


Try making a catapult which fires marshmallows this will use your STEM abilities and have some fun too:


Check out what happens when you put a marshmallow in the microwave!  Why not make a prediction first then test it out's a video in case you can't get out to the shops!


Why not try to make a DNA molecule using sweets?


Finally, try to make 3 D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks... can you name the properties of the shapes you have made?


Remember to work with your parent and carer during these activities, use the cocktail sticks carefully and don't use the microwave by yourself as things can get hot!  


Bye for now and enjoy yourselves!


Mrs Langston





Hello Year 3!


I hope you are all well and happy and can enjoy the sunshine safely!  Here are some more things to keep you occupied and challenged.

This is a story to help explain the bug that is keeping us away from school, kindly shared by a parent at St Teresa's,.


Some great activities to study Science and Technology at home might be to look at this website:

It gives some fantastic ways to explore science whilst at home and it's aimed at parents..  You may have to create a log in to look but try it out.  There are D.T., Computing, maths and other cross curricular activities on there too, so take a look.


I have uploaded 'Little Inventors Daily challenges' for some fun activities.


Finally, I will upload some materials for V.E. day tomorrow and also some Literacy Shed activities based on the video 'A Cloudy Lesson.'  Click on the video link to watch the video and do some of the activities.  I suggest the Instructions text or dialogue, as in year 3 we learn about speech marks as part of the curriculum.  So see above for these.


Take care everyone, I will say a prayer we can see each other very soon,


Mrs Langston








Please follow the link for white rose maths that we follow in school, you will be able to plan and prepare lessons with the worksheets covering the topics that we follow in school.  Check out Spring and Summer planning here:



Here is a nice activity to do at home, it encourages children to keep a record of what is going on at this time and how they experience it, worth keeping to remember this strange event in our lives... it was sent in by a parent and might come in useful as an activity.


Take care everyone!

Dear All!


I hope you are all well and happy!  

Here are some activities to keep you active at home!  Click here to find activities which are fun and will keep you learning at the same time, check them out!


Click here for this weeks Mass at St John's Church Chorlton:  remember to search youtube for any further masses.


Learn the French alphabet using songs, games and a quiz here, can you say it independently?


Look at the wonderful Literacy Shed resources here:

Try the Unit on Marshmallows, the lesson plans are there, with a video clip, we use these resources all the time!  You can describe settings using expanded noun phrases and write a non chronological report.  Check out the resources that support this material too!


I hope you enjoyed St George's day on the 23rd April.  There are some r interesting materials on St George here if you forgot to celebrate:  


I miss you all very much, stay safe!

Mrs Langston

















Hello Children and Parents of year 3!


I hope you are all keeping busy and staying safe!  Here are some fun activities to do at home to help you with maths!


There are some fantastic challenges on:  take a look! this is a youtube video showing you how to do a fraction wall at home and to discuss the proportional  relationship between different fractions.  Check out the BBC live lessons for Primary School here, the 'shape and space' section is good, but the children will need support as it is aimed at 8-11 year olds.


Thinking of our First Holy Communion please watch the story of the last supper:  Can you retell the story?  Why do you think that we remember this moment during mass?  Say a prayer tonight that we will be together soon and that we can make the Sacrament of First Holy Communion very soon..


Keep active with these stay at home activities:


Also, try watching the videos on 3d shapes:

and 2d shapes:


Can you practise describing some shapes using their properties?  Perhaps your parents or brothers and sisters can guess the ones you are describing.  Use a straight edge or ruler to draw and label your shape.  What is a quadrilateral?  How many different quadrilaterals can you describe?


I miss you all very much and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Langston.


PS if you are itching to do some writing, why not research and write a recipe on how to make a healthy snack at home using ingredients in your cupboard.  You could write the instructions and try it with the help of a parent or adult carer.




A Research Project on Deserts

Hello again Year 3!


I hope you are all well and not missing school too much!  I am going to upload a research project you can do at home on our topic 'The Desert' which should keep you busy.  We would have been doing our First Holy Communion this weekend, so I am sending my love to everyone, and I hope that you all are not too sad that it isn't possible to do this at the moment.  I pray that we will soon be able to come back to school and reorganise this special day.  Here are some French and Science websites to enjoy in the meantime.

This term we are studying Plants, one of our objectives is to:


 identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers


Why not put a celery stick into some water and food dye?  Leave it overnight and check the plant.  How does the water travel through the celery stick?  What might be happening?  Can you explain what you can see?  Look at a plant in your garden, can you identify the different parts?  what parts are underground that you can't see?


Last year you investigated the factors that plants need to grow well, such as light, water and air, so why not try looking at the effect of fertilizer?  Do plants need soil to grow?  If you don't have any seeds why not take one from a vegetable in your fridge such as a pepper, put water on a paper towel, will the seed grow?  Make a prediction and try it for yourself!


What is it in soil that makes plants grow well?


Here are some French songs, games and information to amuse you all!


Legend of the Easter bells

French culture learning


Songs, Stories and rhymes

Jean Petit qui danse


All my best wishes,

Mrs Langston. 

Dear Year 3,


I am missing you all very much!  Here are some things to do this week that might occupy your time whilst you are at home!

Why not practice our French seasons song and perform it for your parents?  Here are the links to it and some French stories about the seasons.

Seasons Song:

Le vente et le soleil:

Peppa Pig Story: 

You can also look at some shadow experiments on line such as:

For fun!   Keep practising your times tables and you could even write a story about how your shadow went on an adventure without you! 

Miss you all so much!

Stay well and wash your hands....Mrs Langston


Welcome to Year Three!


A big hello from the class teachers: Mrs. Langston and Mrs Maclean.


We will be uploading videos and pictures on twitter throughout the school year to share with you.


Religious Education is at the forefront of everyday in the form of: Collective Worship, School Assemblies, Class Assemblies and Religious Education. Of course this is a very exciting year for the children as they travel through their Sacramental journey. We will soon be inviting you to our First Holy Communion assembly after half term. 


Although our days are varied, everyday will consist of: a Guided Reading session, Maths, English and foundation subjects (Science, History, Geography, Music, P.E and Computing); you will find more detail on the half termly curriculum outline sent out at the beginning of this term.


If you have any exciting ideas to help us to fill our page, then please let us know!

Year 3 Dodgeball Competition - 05.11.19

Dates for Sacramental Programme 2019 - 2020

Yr3 trip to The Marist Centre, Chorlton

Sacramental Programme 2019 - 2020

Yr3 trip to The Museum of Science & Industry

Year 3 Trip to the Marist Centre

Sacraments Letter September 2018

Reconciliation 2nd December

Sacramental Programme Baptismal Candle


Yr3 trip to the Bridgewater Hall - July 2017

Year 2 and Year 3 trip to Longford Park - July 16

Year 3 have been learning the Ukulele this year.
We performed in front of the school and parents.