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Mission Statement and Core Values

Life at St. Teresa's

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Please take a peek into life at our wonderful school. This video was produced by a wonderfully-talented, local Manchester production company, called Paper Films.

If you like what you see and hear, please don't hesitate to contact the office ( to arrange an appointment.


Welcome to St Teresa's RC Primary School. We are a Voluntary Aided Primary school for 3-11 year olds based in Stretford, Manchester. 

Our school mission statement is

'Loving To Learn, Learning To Love'

We think this encapsulates the education the children receive at our school.  We hope your child will become an enthusiastic and lifelong learner.  Our four core values underpin everything that goes on in our school and we hope they help our children become happy, confident learners.


Our school prayer is said everyday by all members of our school community.  We hope it gives an understanding of what life is like at St. Teresa's.


This is our school,

​Let peace dwell here.

Let the rooms be full of contentment.

Let love abide here.

Love of one another,

love of learning,

love of life itself,

and love of God.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house,

so many hearts make our school.



St. Teresa's Core Values


At the heart of the curriculum at St. Teresa's is our 4 core values of Love, Respect, Passion and Growth.  They are summed up by our school mission statement 'Loving To Learn, Learning To Love.


Our 4 Core Values are:


We love life, learning, God and each other

By showing and sharing God's love for us all we hope the children at St. Teresa's will:

  • Love and care for each other and promoting a feeling of togetherness
  • Make others feel safe, valued and at ease.
  • Notice when people need comfort and support
  • Pick each other up and support each other
  • Be generous to others
  • Live their faith and the school values every day
  • Be pleased for others’ success and achievements
  • Celebrate everyone’s individuality and what they can bring to school


We respect and trust each other

By showing respect for themselves, others and property we hope the children at St. Teresa's will:

  • Play their part in the wider community
  • Be inclusive and ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute and take part
  • Respect what others have to say
  • Offer everyone a warm welcome and give them a good impression of the school
  • Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness
  • Take pride in their work and care for the school environment
  • Be prepared to challenge inappropriate behaviour and language
  • Trust others and build trusting relationships
  • Bring people together and find opportunities to include and work with others
  • Listen to each other and be interested in what other people have to say
  • Be respectful towards other people’s property
  • Act positively towards everyone


We find the wonder and joy in everything

By developing their own passion and interests we hope the children at St. Teresa's will:

  • Be enthusiastic and motivated about their learning
  • Want to be part of the school helping others
  • Always try and reach their potential
  • Celebrate theirs and other people’s achievements
  • Be a positive role model for others
  • Achieve more because they believe they can.
  • Respond positively to setbacks and remaining motivated and not giving up.
  • Have fun and enjoying their learning and school
  • Appreciate beauty in all its forms


We challenge ourselves to grow everyday

By challenging themselves to be better everyday we hope the children at St. Teresa's will:

  • Work together as a team to achieve more
  • Support and challenge each other to grow and develop
  • Use their imagination and talents to find their vocation
  • Have high expectations of themselves and others
  • Celebrate achievement
  • Have a growth mindset and encourage a growth mindset in others
  • Have broad horizons and to be innovative
  • Be able and willing to ask for help
  • Know that they don’t have to be perfect, and know that they can learn from mistakes.
  • Be open to change and to developing themselves
  • Push themselves outside of their comfort zone and take risks
  • Support others when they make mistakes
  • Always try their best and have confidence in themselves