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Year Six

BTH Admissions September 2021

Year 6 Final Week

Possible Y6 return

These are some additional curriculum activities, but PLEASE do not feel under pressure to complete them. Focus on Maths and English, and do WHAT you can WHEN you can. 

Work for week beginning 13th July

White Rose Videos



Work for week beginning 6th July

White Rose Videos

In English, we are completing our letters of complaint


Work for week beginning 29th June

White Rose Videos

English- This week, we are starting a 2 week unit on writing a letter of complaint


Work for week beginning 22nd June

White Rose Maths Videos

English- This week, we will be writing our newspaper reports


Work for week beginning 15th June

White Rose Maths Videos


We are going to begin a 2 week block on newspaper reports, using the Oak Academy resources. This week's lessons focus on reading skills and identifying key features of a newspaper. Next week we will be writing newspaper reports based on Harry Potter extracts. 


Speak out. Stay safe. Virtual Assembly

Welcome to our virtual 'Speak out. Stay Safe.' assembly! This session will be led by the wonderful Sally from our Schools Service, and features special guest...

Work for week beginning 8th June

White Rose Maths Weekly Videos

English for week Beginning 8th June

Reading Comprehension and answers


Work for week beginning 18th May

English Week Beginning 18th May


Work for week beginning 11th May





A message for our Y6 children

Work for week beginning 4th May


White Rose Maths (Please click the link below to watch the daily video)

Worksheets for each day are available to download below (along with the answers) - as they are no longer freely available on the White Rose website.

Maths - Please click on the link below (White Rose) to watch the daily lesson videos. Please to this before you attempt the worksheets.

Work for week beginning 14/4, 20/4

Please complete 'White Rose Maths week 2' (see link below) and Opening Doors English work


Writing Blog

Writing Unit- Opening Doors

Maths Work (week beginning 30/3/20)


2D and 3D Shape 

Please watch the following videos from the excellent "Corbett Maths Primary" (Click link below). You will also finds questions you can print off if you wish (plus answers) to check your understanding.


Videos for this week: 58, 59, 53, 70, 42, 45


Remember to keep working on TT Rockstars



Science Investigation: Parachutes

Famous Victorians

Yr6 Height and Weights 2019

Year 6 Crucial Crew

A fabulous day at The Marist Centre. We explored our feelings about moving to high school through drama, song and prayer

Marist Centre Visit 26.06.19

Design Technology project- making old shoes fabulous

Bridge building competition!! Super collaborative work!

Building beam bridges and testing them for strength

CAFOD at Christmas 


Thank you very much for all your support with our CAFOD cake sale.


Y6 have decided to buy some water for a family and a goat.


£61 was raised.


Well done everyone!

Year 6 Trip to the Manchester Art Gallery

Meeting the owls

Y6 head and deputy head boys and girls

We are very proud of all our Y6s

In Year 6 we have been sketching our shoes

Autumn Term 2018-19

Yr6 Trip to The Marist Centre


Spring Term

2017-18 Autumn Term



Cross stitch cards

Performing our personification poems
Getting streetwise with Crucial Crew
Partner work on Maths Challenges
Action figures in Art
Running man

Yr6 Trip to the Marist Centre



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Thanks to everyone who attended the Y6 SATs meeting last Wednesday.


A copy of the powerpoint (including the video) is available below.

SATs Meeting for Parents Powerpoint



Welcome to Year 6!

It's been a busy start to the year with 2 trips already (Crucial Crew and Trafford Town Hall)


We are having a really big push on Reading this year, so please support us by ensuring that your child reads regularly at home- we love them 'getting lost in a book'



Meeting the Mayor and watching a citizenship ceremony at Trafford Town Hall

Learning about staying safe in our cummunity at Crucial Crew

Working together helps us to improve

KS2 tests 2016

A short video aimed at parents to give outline information about the new National Curriculum tests.

SATs Meeting 27/1/16

ARCHIVE (previous years)

Our Technology project is 'Building Bridges'. These are our first models.