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FROSTYs is St. Teresa's RC Primary School's "Friends of..." association - a collaboration of parents families and carers of children at the school who are committed to fundraising in order to further improve the school and the outcomes of our children.

Welcome back to St Teresa's and a warm hello to all the parents of new pupils!

We have our first FROSTYS AGM coming up at 7pm on Tuesday 11th September at the Quadrant Pub, and we've detailed the topics for discussion below. All parents are welcome to attend and we value all your input - keep checking here or on our Facebook page for more updates! 

AGM Agenda

Chairman's Report
Financial Report
Update on the Nature Area
Elections for 2018/19
Good as New Uniforms
Reception Playground
MacMillan Coffee Morning (Friday 28th Sept)
Other Projects


We're very proud to announce that following the "Tesco Bags of Help" vote in your local Tesco stores, our project came first and has been chosen by Stretford's Tesco customers to receive a grant award of £3,849.00!  


We are delighted to say that the community of St Teresa’s RC Primary and staff have been amazing with their support of our redevelopment of the school's Nature Trail.

This will grant award will go a long way to support the education of your children and help them learn about the natural world all around them.


Thank you so much for your support. 

From all at FROSTYS 

Tesco Community Fundraising - Nature Trail Renovation


If you have been on Facebook lately, you may have seen posts about our current fundraising activity at Tesco stores in Stretford. If you haven't, we are participating in Tesco's Community Fund, which means that when you buy something, no matter the value spent, you can ask the cashier for the blue tokens

when you pay at the checkout. Take these to the voting display and deposit them in the Friends of St Teresa's Primary slot. Easy!


Any funds which are raised will go towards renovating the school nature trail and ultimately benefit your children. You can read more about this here



FROSTYS Newsletter March 2020


November 2017 Newsletter - Family Quiz Night details

Thanks to all who attended and supported our recent Grandparents Day for Macmillan. We had a fantastic turnout and raised an amazing £735.67 for the charity!

Frosty's AGM minutes attached from the Sept 17 meeting

Friday 29th September  Calling all Grandparents!


We will be holding a MacMillan Coffee Morning in support of those in critical need from 9-11am on Friday 29th September.  This won't just be any coffee morning, we are also inviting grandparents for a tour around the school and to see their grandchildren in class!


All grandparents have to do is come into the school hall for coffee at 9am on the 29th Sept. Mr Parkes, with FROSTYS help, will take names down for this great opportunity.

For more details please contact the school office.


Grandparents' Day!

FROSTYS Tea & Toast, catch up with toys for young children in Breakfast Cabin every Thursday 9am to 10.30am All Welcome!

Frosty's AGM Agenda - Meeting is set for Thursday 14th Sept 2017. Details enclosed.

Frostys has a Facebook group: just search for “Frostys St Teresa's Firswood” to join!



Get ready for the St Teresa's 2017 Silver Trail!

Come along to FROSTYs Committee Meeting on Tuesday 11th April at 7.30pm!

Comedy, Bingo AND Quiz Night  - Friday 18th November



Bring your friends & family for this fun night! smiley

BOOK ONLINE NOW...for £5.80 including booking fee at Eventbrite



Return your letter to school for tickets or buy direct FROSTYS member for only for £5 each


The £450 raised at Macmillan Coffee Morning could become £562.50 with gift aid. If you are a taxpayer, please see Mrs Mitchell in the school office and fill in a gift aid form to enable Frostys to claim an extra 25% from HMRC.

Macmillan Coffee Morning raised £450 - Thank You!

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 30th September 2016

Frostys, Tea 'n' Toasters and all at St Teresa's would like to thank our friend and colleague Jo for all the support she has given to the school & local Community in recent years.  Thank you for everything Jo - we will miss you!