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Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyle Day 2017

Whole School Circuit with

Rebecca Gallantree


Whole School Sponsored Circuit / GB Athlete Visit

Wednesday 1st March 2017

 Sports for Schools Fun Fitness Inspiration


We’re very excited to be welcoming British Olympic gold medal winner Rebecca Gallantree to the school on Wednesday 1st of March. Rebecca is a British diver who competed in the 2012 Olympics in women's synchronised 3 metre springboard.  


Rebecca will be leading a sponsored fitness circuit with all pupils, and will follow-up with a talk and question and answer session. The aim of the event is to inspire the pupils to take up sport generally, but just as importantly to encourage them to discover and then pursue their passion in life.


Please use the sponsorship forms we have provided each child with to sponsor your child. Alternatively, sponsor your child by following the link below:  


As the sponsorship form and online sponsorship page explain, much of the money that is raised will be used to buy sports equipment for the school, while also supporting GB athletes (including Paralympic athletes).


Please ensure that sponsorship forms and monies are returned to the school office on or before Wednesday, 08 March at the latest.


Please also make sure that your child/children come to school on the event day with their PE Kits!





'Wake Up Shape Up'

Monday - Thursday @ 8:45am on the juniors playground (weather permitted)



Wake Up Shake Up engages children of all ages in a fun and lively way, as they learn easy routines to pop music and have a great time!



  • Enjoyment of school life and a sense of well-being (staff too!)
  • Improved self-esteem impacting on other curriculum areas: ‘success breeds success’
  • Improved co-ordination (gross motor skills then impacting on fine motor skills)
  • Improved rhythm and timing ( this has helped with music and dance lessons)
  • Improved concentration and application to tasks immediately after the brief exercise session
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved behaviour (“when done at the end of lunchtime, playground squabbles are forgotten and afternoon class is much better”)
  • Improved hydration (children get thirsty and WANT to drink more)


How long does it take?

It can take between 5-10 minutes.


Who can take part?

We try to encourage all children to take part in this daily activity before school. It is also great to see parents involved too as the children gain confidence and encouragement through your involvement. Well done to all those parents I have seen getting involved already.