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Guided Reading

Guided Reading

Over the next few weeks we will be studying ‘the Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.


This PowerPoint contains 5 weeks worth of lessons. Please complete one activity each week, each activity is dated. We know you will be dying to read ahead but be patient!


If you have a copy of the text at home you can read along using this. A copy of the story will be uploaded, links to YouTube videos where the story is being read will be found on the relevant slides.  Each chapter has questions for you to answer, you do not have to print these questions out you can write them on paper. Any questions that say ‘circle’ and answer you can just copy the answer down.


Please ensure you are doing daily reading alongside this text.


PARENTS: After each set of questions there are a set of answers these are for your reference if you need to support your children, we will check their answers when they e-mail their work. Thank you.


I have included a 3D Iron Man template and instructions for your child to complete in their free time along with some cut out characters.  The children can use the characters to create some drama around the Iron Man book.  It could be to perform a puppet show, some role play or just use them to inspire their reading. 

Iron Man Text