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Wednesday 13th

Maths I have included an optional "Extra Challenge" at the bottom of the page for anyone who would like to have a go. Dojo me your answers!


WALT: Divide by 10, 100 and 1000


Please watch the video first:

Have a go at the worksheet. Don't worry of there's some bits you find tricky- leave them and watch the video at the bottom instead (under the answers)

Extra Challenge (optional). Dojo me your answers!




We are going to write the opening of our non chronological report. See if you can upload yours to Dojo Portfolio (see Dojo messages for how to do this)


Click below to watch the lesson:



Afternoon Work


Science: Insulators and Conductors

Remember to add to your electricity poster/ fact file after each lesson


Click the link to watch the lesson

PE with Joe Wicks

The Baptism of the Lord Liturgy