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Year Five

Laura's Word Search - check out this wonderful word search made by Laura about all the things she misses about St. Teresa's

Robinwood 2020

Loreto Grammar School - Virtual Open Day


White Rose Maths Videos



Work for week beginning 6th July

White Rose Maths Videos

In English, we will be completing our persuasive writing

Below are some additional curriculum activities, but PLEASE do not feel under pressure to complete them. Focus on Maths and English, and do WHAT you can WHEN you can. 


Work for week beginning 29th June

White Rose Maths Videos (Please watch before attempting worksheets)

In English, we are going to start a 2 week unit on writing a persuasive letter


Work for week beginning 22nd June

White Rose Maths Videos (please watch before trying the worksheets)

In English, we are in the second week of our unit on diary writing


Work for week beginning 15th June

In Maths, we are following the White Rose Scheme. Please watch the video before attempting the worksheets.

White Rose Video Links

In English, we are starting a 2 week unit on writing a diary. This week, the focus is on reading skills, and identifying the key features of a diary.


Grid Drawn Selfie Portrait

Challenge yourself to draw a self portrait. Ask a parent or carer to print out a picture of your face and ask them to draw you a suitable grid on top of it. Then draw a light grid on a plain piece of paper, watch this tutorial about keeping your drawing in proportion and have a go yourself! It can be a lot of fun!

Writing activities for Year Five while learning at home

This parish Lenten calendar gives some ideas for RE activities you can do at home.

Robinwood October 2020

Trip to Jodrell Bank on Monday 13.01.20

Residential reminder letter

Yr5 boys to visit St. Ambrose College June 19