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Year Five

Tuesday 26th January 2021


A great start to the week by many of us. I'd like to see everyone on that Zoom call submitting at least their maths and English every day now though. I know you are all very capable of it!


We're going to be sharpening those reading skills further today by using extracts from Demon Dentist by David Walliams. Make sure you write the date and title at the top of your page and underline it:


WALT: answer questions on a text

After you have finished, I would like you to go on to spending 30 minutes on Read Theory answering questions on a couple of the texts and improving your score. I'll check in on it later to see how you've got on.



For maths today, I'd like you to watch the tutorial video I have made explaining question 8(d) from yesterday. It was pretty tricky and the video will outline why.

Right. On to the lesson for today. Yesterday was a recap on fractions. Today is all about equivalent fractions. That is to say that if you have a pizza and cut it into two equal pieces and eat one that is a half. But if you cut the same pizza into four equal pieces and eat two of them that is two-quarters. But the amount of piece you have eaten is THE SAME. The fractions 1/2 (one half) and 2/4 (two quarters) are the same - they are equivalent fractions.


WALT: revise equivalent fractions


As always, the document to answer questions with is attached below and the answers are in your parents' Dojo messages.





Today's science builds on our excellent work on space over the last couple of weeks. I know many of you are really enjoying this topic and so I would like to set an extra challenge today!

WALT: understand how the planets in the Solar System differ


Here is the lesson. Ensure you do all the activities that you are asked to:


And once you have finished, I would like you to produce a colourful poster comparing any two planets you like in as much depth as you like. You should draw the planet and colour it appropriately and your facts should refer to size, mass, distance from the Sun, what it is made of, weather and temperature, moons and any other facts you wish to include. Use the internet to research further if you like. Just be careful! There is a lot of rubbish out there about space, including people who very strangely and inexplicably believe that the Earth is flat!!!

Good luck everyone!



Documents for Tuesday 26th January 2021

Monday 25th January 2021

Welcome back everyone! I hope you've had a lovely, restful weekend and you have remembered to get out in the great outdoors and get some fresh air and a little exercise. I know there'll be lots of things that you want to do at the moment, but don't pester your parents too much. They're very busy at the moment and will need your support, especially now you are getting a bit older.

This week's English is focusing mainly on reading skills. But don't worry! I've chosen a super book that you will all love. Some of you may have read the whole book already, but that's not a problem because we are going to be thinking about it in new and wonderful ways.

Don't forget to start with the date and title neatly joined and underlined at the top of the page:


Monday 25th January 2021

WALT: engage with the text


Here is the lesson -

Don't forget to pause it when you are asked so that you can complete the activities properly.


When you have finished the English, I'd like you to look up the meanings of the spellings for this week. You can also do the activities that are on the sheet (if you can't print it up, please copy them out into your book and include them in some 'compound' sentences and some 'complex' sentences. This week's spellings are 'challenge' words, meaning that they don't necessarily fit into any spelling rule that we are learning. This means that repeating them many times and learning the order of the letters and 'flow' of your writing is more important than ever.



25/1/21       WALT: revise fractions


We've done so much wonderful work on multiplication and division and now is time to put some of these skills into practice by learning about fractions. We have obviously done some work on fractions before, but this year we're going to take it to a new level. It's nothing to worry about. I just want you to remember that fractions help us to describe parts of things or numbers, rather than whole objects or numbers themselves.

Our first lesson should be fairly self-explanatory. Can you please make sure you self-mark with the answers that I send to your parents? This will give you the quick feedback you need to improve.



Today, I'd like you to complete the second of Miss Owens' dance lessons. Make sure you do the warm up and cool down properly as well!


Finally, don't forget to jump on to Zoom at 3pm for more fun and games with your friends! Let me know if you would like to do a Show and Tell!

Mr. Hunter



Friday 22nd January 2021


Great job everyone on a couple of days of fantastic learning. You are beginning to secure your understanding of using the shorter 'bus stop' method for dividing and also your understanding of different sentence types.


In English today we are going to develop our understanding of more complex sentences. 'Complex' means more complicated or sophisticated, which means we're going to be adding new parts to our sentences to explain or describe things or situations in greater detail.


There are two lessons to take today, but we can complete them both under the same title:

WALT: develop our understanding of complex sentences


Remember to keep those standards high and to punctuate your sentences accurately. Have a dictionary ready for any spellings you are unsure about.



We have worked really hard on division this week and we are ready for showing any left over values once we have divided our larger number into small groups. We call these 'remainders' and you have actually been using these anyway when you have been dividing each place value in a number, so you should be all set.


22/1/21   WALT: divide leaving remainders


Here is the link to the lesson -


I'll also try and do a short tutorial video for you in the morning which you will find on Dojo. Hopefully this helps further. The worksheet is attached below.



WALT: understand 'stewardship' as caring for the things around us

In RE we are going to start learning about our role as 'Stewards of the Earth'


Some background:


Christians believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has the special gift and challenge of sharing in God’s creation. We ourselves are part of creation, and are dependent upon it: we are made aware that caring for creation is part of caring for ourselves.


We are going to try and understand about:

•  Caring for the earth

•  That the Church is called to stewardship of Creation


Week 1: Consider the things on earth that you care about. Stewardship is looking after something. Go outside or look out of the window and focus on any things of nature. Write a poem or draw a picture to represent what they care for on the earth. You can do this in your English book and decorate with icons, pictures, patterns and colours that reflect what you have written about.


Finally, we have our 3pm Zoom. So keep an eye out for the invitation in your parents messages.


Good luck everyone!







Documents for Friday 22nd January 2021

Thursday 21st January 2021

What a fabulous Zoom session we enjoyed yesterday. It was really fun! Also, I have really enjoyed seeing the variety of some of your work. Hopefully the geography video explaining the answers was worthwhile. I'd like to do more of them.


Today we are going to be exploring more about different sentence types - specifically simple and compound sentences. Don't forget to write the date and WALT in your book, underline it and keep that handwriting looking its best.

WALT: explore simple and compound sentences




21/1/21    WALT: divide 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers

Today is all about practice. Practising bus stop division! Remember, to be able to do this without too much bother, you really need to be sharp with your times tables.

So make your way over to TT Rockstars ( for a good 15 minute warm-up!


Today, I have a sheet with 24 calculations on it. Don't worry about printing it out. Much better to copy them into your book and get used to setting them out yourself.

Remember! Columns, columns, columns. All your place values must line up in the number you are dividing (the dividend) and the number you are dividing by (the divisor).


You can use the tutorial video I gave you on Class Dojo to refer to when working them out, particularly if you get stuck.


I've also sent answers to parents.


IF you finish in good time, I'd like you to have a go at number 30 or 38 (or both) of the puzzles sheet I have attached on Class Dojo. But you MUST explain how you found the answers, using a mixture of numbers and sentences. They don't use big numbers but they do require you to try different methods and work things out for yourself. 

I LOVE Puzzles!!!



Go back to Miss Owens dance video and complete the routine. This will get you stretching and moving your body. It's really important you don't sit down all day long!!!



WALT: understand about computer systems and people


In this lesson we will learn about how computer systems can help us. Remember to take all the quizzes and set out your work clearly in your book from the questions on the worksheet.

Good luck, everyone!






Documents for Thursday 21st January 2021

Wednesday 20th January 2021

If a week was a mountain, we are going to get to the top of it by lunchtime and look down around us on all that we have achieved. As always you've been brilliant, Year Five, and you've a lot to be proud of!


Today is a day to take stock. Many of you have some catching up to do in your science or topic work or possibly even in checking your understanding in your maths and English. So with that in mind, I am going to set maths and English for the morning and then I'd like you to either spend the afternoon catching up, playing the educational games on Manga High, Spelling Shed, Read Theory and Times Table Rockstars, or spending the whole afternoon just getting stuck into a good book.

Sound like a plan?



We'll just be setting the one grammar lesson today as a means so that we can catch up. 

WALT: explore prepositions

What's a preposition? Well, the clue is in the name. It's a word that tells us more about the position of something.

On? Preposition.
Above? Preposition.
Through? Preposition

There are some other less obvious ones, but you get the idea. Check out the lesson and do the activities. I want to see your submissions later today.



Today is time to move on to four-digit - Yes, four-digit!!! - by one-digit division. Hopefully by now you've had a really good think about what we are doing when we are dividing numbers (either by grouping or sharing) and what it means to have a number left over that can't be divided into a whole (a remainder).


Welcome to THE BUS STOP method!!!

I'll do an extra video and put it on Dojo to explain it but it is super important that you watch the video below and follow it carefully. We'll be doing a few days on this anyway but I need you all to get your heads in gear and make sure you are ALWAYS practising your times tables if you don't know them already.


20/1/21     WALT: divide 4-digit by 1-digit numbers


Once you have watched the video, complete the worksheet attached below


So, the afternoon is for you to make sure you're up to date on the week's work and any mistakes you've made, you go back over using the videos to help you. After that, you may wish to complete some artwork or do some exercise. But try and do some of this away from the screen. Don't forget, we also need to exercise our eyes!


Mr. Hunter laugh




Documents for Wednesday 20th January 2021

Tuesday 19th January 2021


What a wonderful start to the week, everyone! There was some fantastic work submitted yesterday, especially some of the work on our Solar System. 


This is a great little National Geographic model of the Solar System -

And I love this man's hobby! He makes orreries -


I just LOVE learning about space!


Anyway, once you've gone off doing more research and producing a top quality science page, let's get on with today's morning learning.


Yesterday, we learned about word class. Start in your book by describing what a noun, adjective, verb and adverb are. These aren't the only classes of word, but they're good for a start.


Now head over to the videos. As they are fairly short, I am asking you to complete two of the activities/videos. The first is:

WALT: explore expanded noun phrases


Noun phrases are groups of word that explain more about a noun (a person, place or thing). See more about them and complete the activities:


The second is:


WALT: explore 'being' verbs

Verbs are words that tell us what a noun is 'doing'. However some are a little less obvious than all the ones you know, like 'watching', 'sleeping', singing' etc. Check them out below and answer the questions about them:




19/1/21     WALT: divide 3-digits by 1-digit


We're still not quite at the point where we are going to use the 'bus stop' method as I want you to all be super clear on what division means (to share equally or to split into equal groups). So today's lesson looks at how to do this with larger numbers by using counters or by partitioning numbers. Follow the steps carefully and complete the challenges on the worksheet attached below:



WALT: understand factors that affect climate


This afternoon's topic lesson is about climates in North America. There are some charts and graphs showing the average temperature and rainfall in several locations. It is your job to use the clues to match them up. I have sent a message to your parents with the answers in, but you must try to solve the puzzles. If you cannot print out and cut and stick them in the correct places, you must clearly answer in your book/notepad which goes with which.


Once you have finished, you can complete the Challenge Card, which asks you to complete a Fact File about a location in North America and its climate. The instructions are in the pack.

See the slides first for more information.

Good luck everyone! 

Don't forget to pick up a book and enjoy your reading too!


Mr. Hunter







Monday 18th January 2021


Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend. We've all been working really hard and it's important to get some good time to relax. But we're back to business today, so I'm looking for you all to try your very best in everything you do.

To start with, let's get our bodies warmed up with Miss Owens second dance video -

Let's start with English:

This week we are going to be doing some revising of English grammar - that is the way that we structure our language when we speak and write. The lessons that we are following will come from this page -

The first lesson looks at word class (what kind of word is it and what is its job in a sentence).

Monday 18th January 2021

WALT: explore word class


Although this is a short video, I am looking for you to complete your work to a high standard, with all writing neat and joined. Here is the video -


When you have finished the lesson, I would like you to spend a good half-hour reading a book (preferably a story). You can send me a photo of yourself doing some 'extreme reading' on Portfolios. You'll remember extreme reading is where you read a book from a strange place (no risky places though, thank you!).




Your spellings this week are words that have silent letters in from which you cannot reasonably predict their spellings. This means you'll need to think of some cool strategies to remember them. I'll give you an example


doubt - to 'b' in doubt means to be uncertain about something - can you see what I did there?

Spellings are included in the documents below.




18/1/21    WALT: divide 2-digit by 1-digit numbers


Now remember, when dividing, it is important to imagine the larger number as a number of objects and the number you are dividing by as either the size of the group or the number of groups you are splitting into. You should then be able to tell quite quickly whether your answer sounds about right (or way out!).


If you are at all wobbly on your times tables, you really need to spend a good amount of time each day on Times Table Rockstars as all this multiplication and division will really make your head hurt if you've got to work all those out. So promise me you will! For now, if you need it, I don't mind if you draw yourself a little grid that has all the times tables in. It will help you.


The video is here - - and the worksheet is below.


If you finish in good time, mark the answers using the answers I sent to your parents, going back over any you don't understand with the video to help you again. Then head over to so that you can complete your outstanding tasks.



After lunch, I'd like you to continue your science work that you started so well last week. Remember that you can go onto Espresso using the home access I gave you to do further research on space.


Monday 18th January 2021


WALT: understand our Solar System


Here is the second lesson. It is all about our solar system.


I have attached a worksheet below, but I think that you can complete all of the questions in your notebook rather than on the sheet. It'll be much better that way. 

EXTRA CHALLENGE: find out how big the distances are between the planets. If you can create a model or picture that is to scale, even better! You'll realise just how small the Earth is compared to the Sun and also how far away some of the planets are.


Don't forget that we have our 3pm Zoom as well!

Good luck! I'll be with you on Dojo throughout the day!









Friday 15th January 2021

Good morning everyone. Some slightly shorter instructions than normal today. It is Funky Friday after all. Make sure you've got your groovy tops on and your radical headwear!


If you haven't finished your persuasive letter, please do so and submit it to me. Otherwise, we have some wonderful work to complete on our new topic on space (there is a text and some questions attached below and I have sent the answers to your parents). Please complete it, using our stem sentences including "for example,", "I know this because...", "The writer states, '.....', which means that" etc.

WALT: apply retrieval and inference skills to reading


After this, I would like you to complete the spelling test that I set on Class Dojo.



15/1/21    WALT: divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers


Some brilliant learning in our multiplication of two-digit numbers. Today we are moving on to division. We must remember that unlike addition and multiplication, which don't matter which order we do them in (they are commutative), division and subtraction do matter. So in this way it is important to think about what the numbers could mean (for example 45 balls divided into bags of 5, or 45 balls divided amongst 5 people). Thinking this way will help us to make sense of the problems much better. 

See the video link here -


As usual, the worksheet is attached below and answers have been sent to parents.


RE - Gratitude


Today is a day to be thankful. To show gratitude. You have your loving families around you and keeping you safe, feeding you and helping you to thrive, even though times are difficult. See the attached sheet and with your new letter writing skills you can complete a letter of thanks.


Finally, it is our Zoom at 3pm. I've had some calls for Show and Tell. We'd love to see you all there. Try and log in a few minutes before if possible as it's quite tricky to keep an eye on the waiting room.

Good luck. Send over any questions when you have them!


Thursday 14th January 2021

In a moment I would like to forget very quickly I have managed to delete my entire day's post on home learning, which has rather set me back. I'm therefore going to give you the quick version.




If you have not finished your persuasive letter, please do so today. I'm really looking forward to collecting them all in.

If you have finished it, I would like you to have some fun writing a 100 word challenge. It doesn't need to be a story, but can be a description or part of a story or even a conversation. Make sure it is punctuated well, is adventurous in its ideas and vocabulary and, most of all, that you enjoy it. Include drawings and illustrations, colour and patterns to make it stand out even further.

The prompt is:

...everything stopped and...

Good luck!


14/1/21     WALT: multiply 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers

We are definitely getting there with our 2-digit multiplication and there have been some wonderful success stories over the last few days. I need you to make a good push now to become more secure, particularly paying attention to the second line when we multiply by a multiple of ten. This line will ALWAYS have a zero in the ones column. If you're not sure why, watch my tutorial video again.

Here is the video:

See the document below and please self-mark the work before submitting it by looking at the answers document that I send your parents AFTER you have completed the work.


In Computing this half term we are going to be learning about systems and networks. Be careful to follow the instructions at this page -

There is a worksheet that you can go to when the teacher asks.

I'll ask some questions about this on our Friday Zoom so try and be ready to answer them.

FINALLY, don't forget to get outdoors and do a little exercise. Look at something in nature, paint a picture, make a model and sing a song! That's what life is all about!

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Good morning, everyone! I received some fabulous letters yesterday, although I think we have to recognise that these are purely the first drafts. When we are looking to persuade people, it is really important that we write as accurately as possible. If it is a letter to the Prime Minister it is also vital that we write in a formal style, using Standard English (no contractions such as "I'm" or "don't" and no 'spoken language', e.g. "So,...." or "Thanks for reading". 

Have a look at some of the brilliant letters on this site for inspiration -


There are some more tips and a lesson to follow here -

Wednesday 13th January 2021

WALT: write a persuasive letter


I really want you to take your time over this letter and spend two mornings (perhaps an hour each time) really giving it all the thought you can. Make sure that you write up in your best handwriting and set it out like a proper letter with the school's address (not yours) at the top of the page, the correct address for the Prime Minister and proper salutations (greetings and sign off at the end). You should state why you're writing the letter and make your points in separate paragraphs, expanding on each on by using the language you have practised (including conjunctions).





13/1/21    WALT: multiply by two-digit numbers


Having reviewed your work, I believe we need further practice on multiplying by two-digit numbers. Please refer to my video from yesterday and follow the method closely. Here is the video:

If you finish in good time, please mark your work against the answers that I send to your parents and complete the multiplication tasks on Manga High.



Wednesday 13th January 2021

WALT: identify countries within a continent


Lots of fun planned for our topic, which is a geography topic about North America. We'd normally be kicking off by enjoying some North American food, so once you've learned about some of the countries in North America, you can investigate some of the tasty foods they make in these countries. Maybe you could even prepare something for your mums and dads (taking all the necessary

 safety precautions obviously!).

See the slides first to check out the countries and then choose one of the worksheets (or even draw your own map!). If you finish in good time and are really proud of your work, you could always cut and stick the riddle cards and match them with the flags. If you don't have access to a printer, maybe draw five of the flags and match them to the riddles.


Don't forget to do your exercise and tidy up. Don't forget their are Dojo points in both of these categories!

And let's do our Zoom at 3pm!!! Invites to go out to parents tomorrow morning.


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hi everyone, what a fabulous Zoom again yesterday. I'm learning all the time and after we left, I noticed that there were about 60 messages in the chat box! I promise we'll use those more next time to give you guys more of a voice.


Today's learning will feature English, Maths and Science!


Write the date and title:


Tuesday 12th January 2021

WALT: write a persuasive letter


You have put so much time and energy into your planning. One of the things I noticed is that many of you have got one point to make your argument with so far. You really need to have several (perhaps at least three) to make your argument as powerful as possible. For the higher level, consider what points people might make against your argument and answer them before they even have the chance to make them.


We're going to have two full mornings to write the letter so please take your time. Ensure that you read and read again as you write it and that there are no silly spelling mistakes, that the sentences are punctuated properly and you have written in paragraphs and with clear, joined handwriting.




12/1/21        WALT: multiply a 4-digit by a 2-digit number

This is a natural step on from yesterday's 3-digit by 2-digit lesson and not too much different if you follow the same method.

You'll remember the posters in class that explain this method. BONUS DOJO points for any clear posters that explain exactly how to multiply two two-digit numbers!

Video link -


PE - it's more important than ever during lockdown to make sure you move around and are not stuck by the computer all the time.

I'm going to repost Miss Owens dance routine on Class Dojo. It's got a wonderful warm up. Plus this will give you a chance to improve on your technique.



Tuesday 12th January 2021

understand about lunar and solar eclipses


It's around this time of year that I was planning on taking you all to Jodrell Bank to learn more about space. Although this is disappointing, everyone always enjoys learning about space so much so at least this way you'll have more time to find out. Well done for making your posters last week. A great effort. This week I'd like you to watch two videos and do the activities on the second one.


The first is just an amazing video that makes you realise just how small the Earth is in our galaxy. Check it out -


Once you've picked yourself up off the floor, you can head over to the lesson at National Oak Academy, which is really cool! You'll be learning about lunar and solar eclipses, which are very special events indeed (particularly solar eclipses) -


Have a wonderful day. Don't be surprised if you get a call from me over the next few days, so make sure your parents tell me what a wonderful help you have been around the house and how sensible and independent you've been with your work. Some of you are growing up so much through this situation. Well done!


Monday 11th January 2021

So much for snow on Friday! Let's keep our fingers crossed we get some soon!

What a brilliant start to our Lockdown Learning last week was. Well done for all your hard work and particularly to those children who have been sending me their work and responding to it. Some of you have gone back over the videos again, improved your work and sent it back to me again. A fabulous job!


Today's English is all about conjunctions - those words that can link two parts of a sentence together.

Don't forget to neatly write the date and WALT at the top of your page (and underline them with a ruler!).

Monday 11th January 2021

WALT: develop an understanding of how to use formal conjunctions

As a little warm up, I'd like you to create another point about school uniforms for your plan. There are lots of reasons to wear / not wear uniform at school, so I'm sure you'll be able to think of some.

Once that is done, go to the video at


Make sure that any activities you do are well presented and ALL SENTENCES are marked with capital letters and full stops.


Once you've finished the English, you can have a look at this week's spellings in the document posted below. Make sure you learn all the meanings and write them up into sentences to practise. Use some of the conjunctions that you have learned in the lesson!

This week's spellings all feature 'silent' letters at the start of them (for example, 'knight' because you don't pronounce the 'k'). You'll need to look for any patterns and write them down plenty to ensure you remember them.



I think many of us are now getting the hang of multiplying two-digits by two-digits but I'm going to leave my own tutorial on Class Dojo so that you can practise.

Today's lesson is about multiplying 3-digit by 2-digit numbers. See below for the lesson and for the worksheet. Good luck!

When you have finished, I would like you to complete the multiplication tasks I have set on Manga High.



Please log in to Read Theory and spend 20-30 minutes today practising reading with the tasks that are set for you.



Today we are learning about fairness. There are lots of things that we can believe to be unfair. But I want you to consider why you believe those things to be unfair. We can discuss this during our class zoom today at 3pm but in readiness can you please complete the worksheet below.


Have a wonderful day today. I'm hoping to start calling you up to have a quick chat and see what we can do to make your experience of Lockdown Learning even more fun!

Mr. Hunter




Home learning for Friday 8th January 2021


Hi everyone,


Get started early with your home learning. I'm only going to set you the English work and the maths in the morning.


This afternoon, you can choose three different Just Dance dances to copy from

Then we have the Zoom at 3pm. You can find the details in your parents' messages in Class Dojo.

I thought it was going to snow heavily today, although it looks like we may have to wait for another day. Check these amazing snow sculptures out though in the meantime!


So, with that to look forward to, I'm expecting some tip-top, incredible work.



Friday 8th January 2021

WALT: plan a persuasive letter


So we've got some new spellings, some fabulous words for 'surprised', all the wonderful language we've learned in class, including relative clauses, fronted adverbials, HANDS TML conjunctions. Now it's time to plan our persuasive letter regarding school uniform.

Here is the link for today's lesson. High standards in presentation please. Remember, a plan should be clear and show ideas in a neat and organised way. It should use language that is appropriate to the task and have phrases and sentences that you think would be good... and persuasive!


Again, let's have some really creative and clear work, photographed and uploaded to Portfolios or messaged to me. There has been some amazing work so far!


8/1/21    WALT: multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers

I noticed yesterday that we are sometimes not thinking about what the multiplication problem means. 24 x 36 is like saying you have 24 boxes each with 36 batteries in. The total number of batteries simply must be well over 100 as four lots of 24 is about 100. So have a think about it and carefully follow the steps in the video, which is here:


Good luck! The answers are attached below.

It really wouldn't do much harm to have a quick spelling test. I'll knock a video up. Don't expect a full spelling story from me. I don't mind embarrassing myself in front of you, but that might be a step too far!!! laugh




Maths worksheet for Friday 8th January 2021

Home Learning for Thursday 7th January 2021



I hope you all got my message about the Friday Zoom session - exciting times!

There has been some wonderful work submitted this week. We now want to get even more of you taking photographs of your wonderful efforts. Don't worry if you have fallen behind. Just look back at the previous days' work and catch up at your own pace. You'll feel really good about yourself.


I'm asking you to complete two shorter English lessons today. Don't forget to write your date and titles neatly in your book.

WALT: develop a rich appreciation of words associated with feeling surprised


Ever felt surprised? Astonished? Incredulous? Gobsmacked?

You will today. Today's lesson is all about some of the wonderful words that we can use to express surprise.

You can find the lesson here -


Some of your recent work has been really good, so keep raising the standards until they are AT LEAST what we can do in class. I'm expecting really neat, joined handwriting, punctuated sentences, spellings checked in the dictionary and perhaps a splash of colour to make it personal to you.


As always, if you finish in good time, I would like you to have a stretch and a walk around, maybe a small snack and then do about twenty minutes on Read Theory, or if you are in the middle of a really good book, read that.



Today we're going to show how you can multiply two two-digit numbers (e.g. 24 x 45)

There are two videos for the lesson: and


The worksheet is attached below and I will send the answers to your parents. You can self mark if you like. Just make sure the photograph you send is nice and close up and clear.


Like yesterday, if you finish in plenty of time, I would like you to go onto Manga High and challenge yourself on any outstanding tasks, or search for some multiplication tasks.




I've introduced a new Dojo point for doing exercise. We certainly can't be moping around the house.



I have a really cool experiment for you to do. First you have to learn how to do a burpee (it sounds funny, right?) -

Then learn how to take your pulse -


Now see what your heart rate is after you do different numbers of burpees.

See what it is after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 burpees. Tell me under the Dojo post I make. I'd also love a paragraph to describe EXACTLY how you are feeling after doing that exercise.

But be careful! Find some good space to do it.

CHALLENGE - it would be super cool if you were to draw a line graph that shows your results!

Have a wonderful time and you know where I am when you need me!


Mr. Hunter

Maths sheet for Thursday 7th January 2021

Home Learning for Wednesday 6th January 2021


Hey wonderful children! It's Wacky Wednesday, which can only mean it's a chance to wear something bright and colourful! We'd love to see your outfits on Dojo!



I'm asking you to complete two shorter English lessons today. Don't forget to write your date and titles neatly in your book.

WALT: explore pronouns


Eric is tall and Eric has brown hair.


Sentence sound weird? It does sound strange because the noun 'Eric' is repeated.


It would sound more natural if you replaced the second one with 'he'. This is the job of a pronoun.Watch the video here and complete the written tasks in your book.

The second lesson is:


WALT: generate points for a persuasive argument


When we organise points, they should be clear and easy to read. Mind maps and bullet points are good ways of doing it, whereas paragraphs full of points are hard to use as a planning tool.


Check the video and complete the tasks in neat, joined handwriting in your book. Give them a splash of colour if you want to make it even more memorable.


Keep it to the highest of standards. When you have finished, take a picture and send it to me either on Class Dojo in Portfolios, as a message or as an email to


If you finish in good time, I would like you to have a stretch and a walk around, maybe a small snack and then do about twenty minutes on Read Theory, or if you are in the middle of a really good book, read that.



We're pushing on from mutliplying three digit numbers to four digit numbers. It's exactly the same, although this time we are moving onto thousands.

Here is the video for today's lesson:

If you finish in plenty of time, I would like you to go onto Manga High and challenge yourself on any outstanding tasks, or search for some multiplication tasks.




Using your Espresso login (see the logins message I sent your parents a while back) please go to the Key Stage 2 Science section and explore the Earth, Sun and Moon/Space topic. Watch some of the videos and make a poster of new facts that you have learned about the Earth.


And don't forget to enjoy yourselves while you do it. Play some music, stop for a snack, do some housework, have a dance. But always try your best!


Mr. Hunter

Maths work for Wednesday 6th January 2021

Home Learning for Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good morning, Year Five. I'll leave a message for you on Class Dojo, which I'd like you to respond with  between 9:00 and 9:30am to let me know you are there. 


Remember to make sure your bedroom is tidy(ish) and have a good breakfast. Then get yourselves organised so that your working space is nice and clear and you have your notepad and stationery.




Today's English is a spelling lesson that will help us with our persuasive writing.


First, put the date and title (ruler to underline!):


Tuesday 5th January 2021

WALT: further investigate the suffixes -ant and -ent

Here is the link -


Remember to pause the video so that you can do the writing that you are asked to do. Keep it to the highest of standards. When you have finished, take a picture and send it to me either on Class Dojo in Portfolios, as a message or as an email to


If you finish in good time, I would like you to have a stretch and a walk around, maybe a small snack and then do about twenty minutes on Read Theory, or if you are in the middle of a really good book, read that.




Today's maths is another recap lesson, this time focused on multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Don't forget to line up your columns so that the Ones are in the same column, as are the Tens and the Hundreds. Watch the video and complete the sheet that is attached below.


If you finish in plenty of time, I would like you to go onto Manga High and challenge yourself on any outstanding tasks, or search for some multiplication tasks.




Being cooped up in the house can be a challenge and it is really important that we keep exercising. Do a Just Dance video from Youtube. 


Good luck everyone. I miss you all and will send you some videos throughout the day.


Mr. Hunter




Home Learning for Monday 4th January 2020


Hi everyone,


For those children who are working at home today, we would like you to:


1) Find a suitable space to work that is nice and tidy

2) Make sure you have all the equipment you need (pencil, blue or black pen, notebook, ruler, colouring pencils, eraser etc.)

3) Make a little timetable so that you have enough time to do some English and mathematics in the morning and have time to have a break and do some exercise and help around the house

4) Keep nice and concentrated so that your parents and siblings can do their important work.


The plan for learning is as follows:


Between 9am and 9:30am, I would like you to log on to Class Dojo and reply to my message on Class Dojo to let me know you are there and how you are doing.


After that, I would like you to start our new work on persuasion. Learning how to persuade helps you to make things happen that you want. This unit is all about what school uniform should be like.


Today's date and WALT, which you should write in your notebook, is: identify the features of a persuasive letter


The first day's work is all about identifying the features of a persuasive letter. You can watch and pause the video at:


Make sure you keep any writing you do nice, neat and joined.



Your maths work today is all about comparing statements.


WALT: use comparing statements


Please go to the video link at


You can watch the video (watch parts again if you're not sure) and then complete the questions on the worksheet, which I have attached below.




This week's spellings are the long /a/ vowel sound that is spelled with 'ai', for example 'wait'. The document below has some activities and chances to practise your spellings so that you can test yourself later in the week.


Once you've done all these, you can go online onto some of the special games like TT Rockstars, Manga High, Read Theory or Spelling Shed.

If you get stuck, remember:

1) Think hard

2) Watch the videos or re-read the task
3) Send me a message on Class Dojo. He will be available to help throughout the day.


Ideally we would like to see photographs of your finished work loaded onto Class Dojo and sent as a message or added to the Portfolio section (if you have your own account).

Good luck, everyone.

Mr. Hunter 


Tuesday 17th November 2020



One final push before we go back to school tomorrow. Good luck, children! Bon chance, mes enfants!

Here is today's work:


English - this morning we are going to concentrate exclusively on our writing, so that we have a finished draft of our explanation text on how bees make honey. 


There are three separate video lessons to take part in:


Part one - writing the first section of an explanation text -


Part two - editing our writing -


Part three - writing the second section of an explanation text -


Once you have completed and written up your explanation text in best handwriting, please take a photo and either send me a message with it or, even better, upload it to 'Portfolio' on Class Dojo.

I will be hear to answer any questions or guide you through any of the steps. Don't forget to use a dictionary and refer back to the features of an explanation text. Good luck!


Features of an explanation text


Maths - Rather than set a maths lesson today, I would like you to concentrate on attempting any outstanding assignments on Manga High. These will help you to deepen your understanding of charts, graphs and tables.


PE - For PE, please learn Miss Owens dances. All of the videos are on Class Dojo.

Science - if you can, please watch the videos on Espresso about Forces. See Key Stage 2>>> Science >>> Forces


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Monday 16th November 2020


We are getting close now, Year Five. Time for a final push!

Well done to all those who dressed up for Children in Need Day. You can see the winner in the tweet above this text.

Here is today's work:


English - today's English is going to be split into two parts as I'd like you to spend Monday and Tuesday writing your explanation text on how bees make honey.

For the first lesson, we are going to develop our sentence structures, practising some complex and compound sentences, which will come in useful when writing our explanation text:


When you finish this, we are going to write our introduction to our explanation text on how bees make honey. You can find the video for this section below:



Spellings - Our new spellings for the week can be found in the document below. This week is very similar to last week. It is about deciding when to add -ibly or -ably to the end of the word (e.g. understandably). Remember, the general rule (although it doesn't always work) is that when you understand the root before the suffix, you add '-ably'.


Reading - Keep up your good work on Read Theory. About half an hour should do the trick. If you are having trouble logging on, send me a message. The link is and the login details should be in the letter I sent to your parents via Class Dojo.


Maths - Today we are going to be using two-way tables. Here is a video link that will explain what to do:


Once you have watched it there is a new worksheet to complete, which can be found below.


PE - For PE, please learn Miss Owens dances. All of the videos are on Class Dojo.

We will have our class Zoom meet this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Friday 13th November 2020


Some of us are getting very good at this home learning! I've been busy dishing out Dojo points the last couple of days to those of you who have been helping around the house, submitting your work, concentrating on your presentation or going back to find out where you went wrong.

I couldn't be prouder of you.

Today is Children in Need Day, so we should really think about all of the wonderful support and help that we have to be able to learn. This not the same for everyone around the world so please offer up a prayer to those children that need the world's attention.


English - today's English is going to be split into two parts as I'd like you to spend Monday and Tuesday writing your explanation text on how bees make honey.

For the first lesson, you have to do lots of talking. Obviously without a talk partner it'll be a baby sibling, parent or the mirror you're talking to!


And then the second part of the lesson involves you planning the text, so again, please follow the on-screen instructions and make your plans as clear as possible. Keep onto these as well, as you're going to need all this for Monday. Here is the link to the second part of the lesson:


Spellings - It's spelling test day, so expect another video from me later with the test. I'm trusting you not to cheat though!


Reading - Keep up your good work on Read Theory. About half an hour should do the trick. If you are having trouble logging on, send me a message. The link is and the login details should be in the letter I sent to your parents via Class Dojo.


Maths - Tricky work yesterday and I plan to do a walk-through video today to show you how to solve the problems on line graphs that we gave you. Today we are moving on and learning about reading and interpreting tables. Find the information you need in the following video:


Once you have watched it there is a new worksheet to complete, which can be found below.


PE - I am really looking forward to seeing the completed routine of Miss Owens dance. She tells us there will be another, so keep your eyes out for that. But remember to like the others. I NEED TO CONTINUE THE FLAT STANLEY STORY!!!

RE - I have put a worksheet on 'courage' in the files below. Please have a look and think about how you may have to be courageous in your life.


On Friday afternoon, we tend to have a class assembly, so I will be announcing the winners of some class prizes for the week this afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled for that (that's an idiom - a Dojo to anyone who looks up the meaning of this word and 

If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Thursday 12th November 2020

It was absolutely brilliant to see you all on our Zoom class meeting yesterday. It was lots of fun and I particularly enjoyed hearing about all of the exciting things you've been doing and making on top of the good schoolwork you've been doing. I'll be organising a new one for Monday, so keep an eye out for the invitation.


English - Yesterday, we thought about how important it is to explain things in the correct order, particularly when it comes to bees making honey.

Today we are going to look at another important feature of explanation texts: using precise vocabulary.

This means that we use the correct words for things (nouns), what they do (verbs), to describe them (adjectives) and how they do what they do (adverbs or adverbial phrases). There is lots to learn so get your thinking caps on.


Here is the link to the lesson:


Once again, you can do the activities that are set during the video in your notebook or notepad and if you like, you can submit them to your portfolio on Class Dojo or send a message to me with it in. Using Portfolio seems to be a good way of doing this, although you may need a child account. If you would like me to send you details of how to get a child account, please ask your parents to send me a quick message.


Spelling and vocabulary - I want you to continue to learn the spellings from Monday, although I would like to add three new words into the mix:






Can you look up the meaning of the words and use them in three sentences to do with bees...


If you wish to continue with the games on Spelling Shed, you can.


Reading - your reading challenge again today is to go onto Read Theory for another half an hour. If you haven't done so before there is an assessment to do, which can be quite hard. However it is important that you don't receive help when you do this, otherwise the next reading task will be too hard for you to do alone. The link is


(NOTE: one or two people had trouble getting in with their passwords yesterday. If you do, send me a quick message and I will reset it for you).


Maths - Today we're going to get into the really exciting part of line graphs - using them to solve problems. Line graphs are used to predict all sorts of information about what has happened, or even more exciting, what is going to happen! Yes, they can be used to predict the future!!!


Here is today's video all about solving probelms using line graphs -


Once you have watched it there is a new worksheet to complete, which can be found below.


PE - We're now on our third instalment of Miss Owens dance and I am sure that you are having lots of fun in joining in with Miss so that we can show off our new dance when we go back to school. Keep up the hard work!


On Thursday afternoon we typically have music. If you still have the home learning passwords letter that I issued prior to lockdown, then you can access the service at Failing that, either send me a message and I will issue your password, or access the music resources on Espresso. 

Those of you with ukuleles, practise those chords that we learned in class (C and G Major) until you can switch between the two without having to look.


If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Accompanying work for Thursday 12th November 2020

Wednesday 11th November 2020


Remembrance Day

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is when we remember the lives of those who have died in conflict. Please mark this time in your own special way with your families. I will be looking through some of my family's letters, medals and recalling some of the stories, some of which I may share with you later on today.

If you wish to use the assembly slides that Mrs. Dawson has created, they are in the Class Story on Class Dojo. In order to hear the songs you will need to press 'enable content' at the top. There are some familiar hymns and songs that I am sure you will enjoy singing.


English - Ordering and sequencing information is a very important part of writing explanations and so today we are going to be learning about how to do that and the type of language we should use to make it sound right.


Here is the link to the lesson:


Once again, you can do the activities that are set during the video in your notebook or notepad and if you like, you can submit them to your portfolio on Class Dojo or send a message to me with it in.


Handwriting - I'd like each of the spellings of the week that you are learning to be written into your own adventurous sentence. (This means make them interesting!) Let's see if you can:
1) Sit your letters on the lines
2) Have clear capitals
3) Join appropriately
4) Consistently space and size your letters
5) Keep any slant consistent also


If you wish to continue with the games on Spelling Shed, you can.


Reading - your reading challenge today is to go onto Read Theory for half an hour. If you haven't done so before there is an assessment to do, which can be quite hard. However it is important that you don't receive help when you do this, otherwise the next reading task will be too hard for you to do alone. The link is


Maths - Continuing our excellent work on line graphs yesterday, today we are learning to draw them. This activity is most definitely easier if you can print out the sheet. If not, have a go at drawing your own or if that is proving too tricky, go to Manga High and complete the challenges that I have set. (Note: I have set a new 'using line graphs' activity that is a super challenge as it is actually from the Key Stage 3 curriculum. (Don't tell anyone, but I think some of you can do this!)


Here is today's video all about drawing line graphs -


Once you have watched it there is a new worksheet to complete, which can be found below.


PE - By now you will have seen Miss Owens wonderful dance routine videos that she has set. Given we're all having to stay at home, it's super important that we get lots of exercise, so please go on and learn the dance so far.


Our class social meeting happens at 2pm, so I'll be working on some ideas for that today. If you would like to do a Show and Tell, send me a quick message so I know how many people we need to fit in.


If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Accompanying work for Wednesday 11th November 2020

Tuesday 10th November 2020


English - I am still seeing quite a lot of uncertainty with the use of apostrophes in class. Therefore, today's lesson will focus on using them for possession (when one thing belongs to another). The real learning is where the thing or things belong to more than one of something else (e.g. The players' families). This lesson should help you to understand better.


Spelling - Did you notice yesterday that we adding -ible or -able turns words into adjectives. We can also tell when to add -ible as the first part of the word doesn't make sense on its own (e.g. sensible). Words with -able tend to have a root that makes sense on its own (e.g. enjoyable).


Have a go at the spelling games on Spelling Shed (your passwords are all in the message I sent to your parents on Class Dojo).


Maths - Continuing our excellent work on line graphs yesterday, here is today's video all about reading and interpreting them -


Once you have watched it there is a new worksheet to complete, which can be found below.


We only have about eight of you who have attempted the Manga High module on line graphs, so if you finish in good time, please go and complete that.


Science - we have been learning about forces, so if you would like to follow up and look at all of the content available on Espresso, you can log on and go to the KS2 Science >>> Forces section.


If you're feeling the experiment itch, here are some great ideas -


Well done to some of you who have been getting underway with project work on World War 2. You can be as detailed as you like with this. Please use Espresso as a good research source.


If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter

Accompanying work for Tuesday 10th November 2020

Monday 9th November 2020


English - We are learning about explanation texts and their features. Although we have done some work on this in class, I would like you to go over the features of an explanation text using this video and activities:


Spelling - Look at the words in the document that end in -able or -ible. What do you notice about them? Can you sort them and explain why some end in -able and some in -ible?


Maths - We only just started our work on line graphs, so I'm going to ask us to watch the video here - - and complete the worksheet. If you finish, I have added two modules to Manga High (line graphs and pictograms).


RE - We have been giving thought to life choices in RE lessons and what it means to have a 'mission'. Read and complete the sheet on generosity.


If you would like other work, please research and begin your own project on World War 2. You may use Espresso to help support you.


If you need me for anything, please send a message on Class Dojo.


Good luck! Mr. Hunter


A confirmed case of Covid-19 in our School

A Children's Rosary

Come and See RE Parent/Carer letter Autumn 2020

Tools for learning at home


We work hard to support children’s learning outside the classroom and recognise that technology provides an incredible opportunity to support work in class and enable children to develop very important independent skills and habits. 

We have invested in a number of subscription-based online tools that will enable your child to continue learning at home with the aid of a computer, tablet or smartphone. Below are some of the best of these tools. 


NOTE: I will share usernames and passwords to these separately via Class Dojo



Read Theory is a wonderful tool to help children develop their reading skills, with short comprehension based activities and a wealth of topics to learn about. After an initial assessment, your child will be given texts to read appropriate to their reading level. 


Spelling Shed forms the backbone of our spelling curriculum. There are weekly spelling lists that group spellings so that we can teach the rules that apply to them. Spellings are grouped together and after logging in, a child can play games to practise spelling words at their stage. Simply click on the button in the top right and click ‘Web Game’. Website:



Manga High is a wonderful tool for learning mathematics, fully paid for by FROSTYs. After logging in, children can click the ‘wand’ tool and be given challenges and games that suit their needs. Going for ‘gold medals’ is the highest you can achieve (although be warned: this takes perseverance and effort!) You can also search for areas that you need to improve on and play brilliant games that support your learning! (NOTE: our school code is 68218) 


Times Tables Rock Stars is all the rage at St. Teresa’s at the moment. Choosing your ‘rock’ avatar and then playing a series of games to practise times tables against the clock and other opponents really sharpens your skills. Don’t worry about having them written in front of you while you work. This will only help embed them. We want children to know times tables by memory, without having to work them out. This game really works! Website:


General curriculum resources 

Espresso really is one of the best digital resources we have in school. It has a wealth of videos, quizzes, activities, worksheets etc. on it and can be accessed at home. Start a module about the solar system! Or find out about the Tudor times! You have access to an amazing number of subjects and activities at the click of a button. 


Laura's Word Search - check out this wonderful word search made by Laura about all the things she misses about St. Teresa's

Robinwood 2020

Loreto Grammar School - Virtual Open Day


White Rose Maths Videos



Work for week beginning 6th July

White Rose Maths Videos

In English, we will be completing our persuasive writing

Below are some additional curriculum activities, but PLEASE do not feel under pressure to complete them. Focus on Maths and English, and do WHAT you can WHEN you can. 


Work for week beginning 29th June

White Rose Maths Videos (Please watch before attempting worksheets)

In English, we are going to start a 2 week unit on writing a persuasive letter


Work for week beginning 22nd June

White Rose Maths Videos (please watch before trying the worksheets)

In English, we are in the second week of our unit on diary writing


Work for week beginning 15th June

In Maths, we are following the White Rose Scheme. Please watch the video before attempting the worksheets.

White Rose Video Links

In English, we are starting a 2 week unit on writing a diary. This week, the focus is on reading skills, and identifying the key features of a diary.


Grid Drawn Selfie Portrait

Challenge yourself to draw a self portrait. Ask a parent or carer to print out a picture of your face and ask them to draw you a suitable grid on top of it. Then draw a light grid on a plain piece of paper, watch this tutorial about keeping your drawing in proportion and have a go yourself! It can be a lot of fun!

Writing activities for Year Five while learning at home

This parish Lenten calendar gives some ideas for RE activities you can do at home.

Robinwood October 2020

Trip to Jodrell Bank on Monday 13.01.20

Residential reminder letter

Yr5 boys to visit St. Ambrose College June 19