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Wednesday 3rd March                                                                                             PE with Joe Wicks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  English- Lesson 3 from The Suitcase Kid.  You will be answering inference questions related to the text.

Maths                                                                                                                      Recap Finding a half.  Watch the video and asnwer the questions on the worksheets.

French - All about Me

C'est Moi!, the children will learn how to say their age and count to 12.


Wednesday 24th February

PE with Joe Wicks.  Remember he does a quiz also which is fun to do.


English - Into the Forest by Anthony Browne - This is a Reading Unit.

The children will answer questions on a text. 

Watch the video to find out more.


Zoom session at 11.30 - Scavenger Hunt



Statistics Challenges.

The children can work their way through the challenges related to all aspects of statstics they have covered.



Exploring 6 beats to a bar.  Watch the video and enjoy the lesson.



Zoom at 11.30 - History Quiz

Wednesday 10th February

PE with joe Wicks along with his quiz, which is great fun.


To write the build up to the story.  Remember to use compound sentences, adverbial phrases and punctuate your sentences correctly.  You have a huge bank of phrases and vocabulary now so make sure you magpie any and put them into your writing.  I can't wait to see your work. 

Zoom call at 11.30 a.m- this week we are doing a quiz.  Get your pens and paper ready. 

Maths Adding lengths

Watch the video and pause it when required. 



How can you change the size of a shadow? 

Watch the video and you will find out. Enjoy!


Wednesday 3rd February

PE with Joe Wicks 



WALT: explore compound words

Watch the video and pause it when required.


Zoom at 11.30 a.m

Spelling test from the words on Tuesday's English lesson.



Recapping Measuring in m.

Watch the video and pause it when required. 

Also learn your 2,.5 and 10 times table for a tables test on Friday zoom. Use your Mad Minute Maths to  help you.

History - Stone Age

Which animals lived in Prehistoric Britain.


Wednesday 27th January

PE and quiz with Joe Wicks at 9 a.m. 

Singing Assembly, watch the video below.

Zoom at 11.30 a.m


WALT: analyse the opening scene




WALT: draw pictograms.

Watch the video and pause it when required.


WALT: explore three beats to a bar.

Wednesday 20th January 


WALT: to convert pounds to pence and vice versa.

Please watch the video below and complete the worksheet provided.

English Day 3

Writing simple sentences

RE - World Religion Day, which has taken place on Sunday 17th January 2021

The children will be introduced to other faiths. 

I have attached a power point about the day and a comprehension for the children to complete. The one star work is aimed at Year 3 children.  The power point asks the children to find some facts about the different faiths. If the children could concentrate on the places of worship for Judaism,  The Synagogue and for the Islamic faith The Mosque. I have also included some colouring sheets related to World Religion Day,  this may keep the children occupied especially if it is raining all day.